Alternative Christmas Trees You Won’t Believe: Interesting and Unusual!

This year, we dare you to give classic holiday tree ideas a good rest. Experiment with surprising materials, offbeat ornaments and unusual tree accents that will make this year’s yuletide season extra merry and bright! We scoured the internet for unique, unconventional Christmas tree ideas that are sure to give your family and friends plenty to talk about this holiday season. On top of that, no trees are chopped down in the process!

10 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas for a Cool Christmas

Alternative Christmas Trees Using Recycled Materials

1. Collage Christmas Three – Reconsider throwing away stuff you have tagged as clutter, like used CDs, broken toys and old photos. Put them to good use by setting up a “found objects” tree. If you’re the type who has loads of keepsakes stashed away, this collage Christmas tree we found on Sunday Collector will definitely excite you!

2. Washi Christmas Tree – Are you a fan of washi tape? Then, you can’t afford to miss out on this Washi Wall Christmas tree we stumbled upon via DIY Confessions. A totally quick and easy holiday décor solution!

3. Seashell Christmas Tree – If you’re one of those people who has ‘beach bum’ or ‘sun-kisser’ on their social media bio, then a seashell Christmas tree will surely make you happy! You can bring your love for the seas to your holiday home decor with this cool idea featured on Bcr8tive.

4. Book Christmas Tree – Attention, bookworms! This next idea from Bookaholic shows how to put those books that have been sitting on your shelves for months to good use. Stack them up to create a pine tree shape, then decorate your pseudo Christmas tree with colorful ornaments. Don’t forget that glimmering star on top!

Unusual Christmas Trees

5. Cutlery-to-Crockery Christmas Tree – Talk about innovative! This wall-mounted ‘tree’ found via Lovely Life is assembled from silverware, glass goblets, and china cups. Just be sure to leave enough pieces for your holiday entertaining!

6. Paper Doilies Christmas Tree – Make your home the envy of your community with a paper doily Christmas tree. Stick paper doilies onto your glass window for an instant Christmas tree, as inspired by this Paris shop window seen on Travels With Clara.

7. Ornament Mobile Christmas Tree Not Martha has a step-by-step guide on how to create this ornament mobile Christmas tree. We found the idea of a tree of Christmas balls seemingly suspended in mid-air pretty fascinating!

8. Chalkboard Christmas Tree – Another fast and easy-to-do Christmas tree is the one that’s simply drawn on a chalkboard, an idea courtesy ofA Legg Up. A board, some pieces of chalk and a teeny bit of drawing skill are all you need!

9. Post-Its Christmas Tree – Thanks to Apartment Therapy, we discovered that Post-Its aren’t just for notes and reminders. They can be used to craft a not-so-usual Christmas tree as well! We love this idea because it’s inexpensive. (Translation: more shopping funds!)

10. Recycled Aluminum Christmas Tree – A tree made from recycled aluminum? Well, here’s one we saw on Pingdom. Because of its flexible material, this unique spiral ‘tree’ can either be hung from the ceiling or made to stand on the floor. On top of that, it can be used for years to come!

Which is your favorite? Would you consider an alternative Christmas tree this year?


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