Colored Water Centerpieces: Easy Tips and Tricks!

Looking for a fast way to make your centerpieces? Try using colored water! It’s the simplest method to instantly add pizzazz to your table centerpieces and is remarkably budget-friendly. Just take these 3 simple tips we’re providing you today and you’re off to decorating your tablescapes with ease.

Simple Tips for Creating Colored Water Centerpieces!

Simple tips for creating colored water centerpieces | as styled by Bellenza. #candlecenterpieces #coloredwatercenterpieces

Tip #1: Use varying sizes of glass vases such as cylinders of different heights. Thin, tall glass cylinders are chic and modern, so these add instant effects to your candlescape! See our own Halloween welcome scene using this example.

Tip #2: Add floating candles to colored water. You can also vary the color of the water to suit your table’s color palette. For a summer tablescape, use cool beach-inspired hues of blue and green! See more ideas in our water-based centerpiece post.

Tip #3: Incorporate decor accents and elements that reflect the season. For summer, use seashells, sea glass, and sand as part of your centerpiece. Or, for a fall scene, try pine cones and twigs! Finally, use fabrics with prints or embroidery to also add depth to your tables.

How are you planning to make your centerpieces using water? Leave a comment and share it with our readers!

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