Cool Menu Card Ideas with a Modern Twist

Want your menu cards to make a cool, contemporary statement? Well, thanks to the creative eye and crafty hands of many stylists and crafters out there, we have these 7 menu presentations to get your own ideas going. All of them have that modern vibe and are so doable. Enjoy!

Creative and crafty menu cards for parties.

1 – Napkin band – Why not incorporate your menu into your napkin accent? The cool graphic design and color choice of this napkin band via The Modern Jewish Wedding make for a great contemporary look!

2 – Chalkboard tablets – What a neat idea! Actually meant as handy jot-down-anything tools, these chalkboard tablets from etsy shop Peg and Awl would make fabulous menu ‘cards’ for a mountain lodge or Western-themed party, don’t you think?

3 – Touches of heritage – If your celebration will celebrate your Asian roots, you can use little touches like menu strips holding chopsticks to highlight this. We found this cute idea via—perfect for  Chinese New Year’s!

4 – Custom-made and color-coordinated – If you’re into DIY and will be having a small guest list at your party, handmade menus like these stylish wooden disk ones featured on The Hitching Post SF, would be great. Visit the tutorial provided and give this a try!

5 – Modern-rustic combo – Can a modern menu card be used at a rustic-style event? Why not, as this place setting photo shared on Wedding Bee shows. The crisp red and white card makes a nice contrast with the twine, burlap, and vintage map elements used at the reception.

6 – Simple yet stylish – It couldn’t get any simpler than this—and yet these menu bands we spotted via Wiley Valentine give a neat, trendy look. The secret lies in the modern font choice and graphic-style layout.

7 – Wine bottle label – Here’s an idea for a double-purpose table element: your menu printed as a label on one side of a wine bottle, with the table number displayed on the other side! Sets of these labels printed on kraft paper are offered by etsy shop Paper and Lace Austin.

No more ho-hum cards for your party menus. Not after you’ve seen these cool finds!

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