Easy DIY: Cowboy Boot Party Centerpiece in Just 5 Steps!

Features an Easy DIY for Making a Cowboy Boot Centerpiece.

Rounding up the posse for a Cowboy-themed Birthday Party? Well, we had a post on this popular theme that included a centerpiece using a cowboy boot! If you missed it, stop by the post now. Then, head back here to see how to assemble this super-simple DIY project in a snap. Grownup and kiddie cowboys alike will be mighty impressed!

Display the finished centerpiece on your tables.

You’ll need just 4 basic materials:

Cowboy Boot Party Centerpiece Materials for Project

A pair of cowboy boots
If you’d like to have this centerpiece on each party table, you can borrow more boots or buy at a thrift store or yard sale, or opt for kiddie-sized ones (see link below).

Bunches of shasta daisies – 1 for each boot
You can source other inexpensive flowers from your farmers’ market…or your garden!

Empty bottles – 1 for each boot
An ideal size and shape would be salad dressing or bbq sauce bottles.

Cowboy bandanas – 1 for each boot
We chose blue and red ones, but you can get others in your chosen color scheme (see link below).

Suggested project materials:

Make the Centerpiece in 5 Easy Steps!

This is an entirely assembly-type project. So even the most craft-challenged party host can do this in a snap. Hooray!

Make the Centerpiece in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1.  Fill the bottle about half-full with water. Then, place the bunch of flowers inside it.

Step 2. Check to see if the flowers are tall enough to extend beyond the top of the boot.

Step 3.  If the flowers need more height, you may stuff old newspapers into the boot to add a “riser” for the bottle and to help to hold it level and stable.

Adjusting the flowers in the boot.

Step 4.  Fold a bandana into a triangle. Tie it around the boot to mimic a cowboy’s neckerchief.

Step 5.  Repeat this procedure with as many boots as you have available. Then position the finished centerpieces on the party tables, alternating the blue and red bandanas.

[Note: You may want to use a square of burlap or denim as a mat under the boot! Or even a wood slice used in rustic-style decorating.]

At the Party! There you have it, a Cowboy Party centerpiece that’s sure to earn you party-styling points with the posse!

Cowboy Boot Party Centerpiece in Just 5 Steps!

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