How to Create a Witch Themed Candy Table for Halloween

Cast an extra spooky spell on the “trick or treat” Halloween tradition. How? With a candy and snack station with a witch theme! Start with a Wicked-inspired black and green color palette to tie all the decor elements, witch accessories, and even the sweet and savory treats together. With our inspiration and ideas below, you’ll find it’s almost as easy as waving a witchy wand (*this post contains affiliate links)!

Create a Wickedly Sweet Candy and Snacks Table!

Wickedly sweet candy and snacks table with witch hats and spooky treats

Even a small setup can be bewitching! The secret is in pulling together elements that all work to create a yummy-yet-eerie effect on your treats table. Note the antique candelabra and the bare branches in a cylinder vase to one side. Now, let’s take a closer look!

“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Get your treats here on the double!” sign

Surprise guests with clever details, like a black lace table cover or shawl as a base for the display, and an antique frame holding a witty (or should we say “witchy”) sign, “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Get your treats here on the double!” And choose goodies that suit the palette, like macarons, éclairs, cream puffs and chocolate-frosted cupcakes.

Black witch hat and popcorn station

Include popular Halloween faves drizzled with green-colored white chocolate syrup like popcorn, Rice Krispies treats, and marshmallows among the treats. But create fun “popcorn holders” out of black paper cones trimmed with black bands and gold buckles—in other words, witches’ hats!

Black witch hat with green accents

Speaking of witches’ hats, perch one (so easy to find at any toy store around Halloween) amidst the display. On the candelabra, on the arrangement of bare branches, or even topping a white pumpkin or a stuffed toy black cat!

Black and green sprinkled candy apples wrapped in cello on a white cake stand

Remember, the palette has green in it. So you can play around with adding green touches to the treats! Green sprinkles on candied apples, green jelly beans or M&M’s topping cupcakes, green swirly or spiral pops, green jello shots, and more you can think of. Intersperse these goodies with black colored ones for a wickedly sweet effect.

Wickedly sweet

Vintage containers suit the witch theme, too! Dig up a hobnail milk glass vase to hold sugared almonds, a depression glass bowl or coupe for chocolate and white marshmallows, and an antique votive candle holder or two to cast that haunting glow.

Silver wrapped chocolate Kisses, chocolate pretzels

Can you include not-so-sinister sweets, too? Sure! As long as they are “in color” like the Hershey’s Kisses and choco-dipped pretzel rods shown here. Or choose dark chocolate crinkle cookies, chocolate covered almonds, brownies, black licorice ropes, white meringues, white rock candy sticks, and white chocolate bark.

Halloween candy spread for a black and green palette

The overall effect? With all the black, green, and white decor elements and the tempting treats—it’s a witchy kind of wonderful, don’t you agree?

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Witch-themed Candy Station Supplies

Need help in sourcing the supplies for a witch-themed treats table? We’ve done some pre-shopping for you! (*this section contains affiliate links)

Party supplies and candy for a witch themed Halloween

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4 – Candy Cauldron Kettles (1 Dozen)

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6 – Wooden Miniature Pine Craft Brooms – 3 Inches (4 Piece)

7 – Green Chunky Honeycomb Glass Votive & Tealight Candle Holder (Set of 6)

8 – Black Lace Tablecloth

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