Creative Thankful Trees: Ideas to DIY Yours at Home

If you’re thinking of crafting a centerpiece that serves double duty during Thanksgiving, then this is the post for you. Enter—the thankful tree! These crafty displays are often put as early as the beginning of November. Many families also incorporate them as a yearly tradition for showing kids how to express their gratitude in the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. Using basic materials that you can buy and gather from your backyard, putting together a thankful tree could not be more fun!

Crafty Ideas for Assembling a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving trees ideas

These 10 thankful trees have 3 basic parts that are in common: the base, the tree branches, and the leaves. Here is a breakdown of the materials that are used in assembling these parts:

THE BASE is usually a container such as a vase made of copper, glass, or ceramic, terra cotta pot, mini-galvanized bucket, or jar. These can be decorated with burlap, raffia, or fall hued ribbons. Fillers can be pebbles, cotton, or moss.

TREE BRANCHES are often readily available branches from your garden, willow, or manzanita branches. They can be presented as bare branches or you can spray paint them with gold, copper, or white paint.

THE LEAVES can be of the following: paper cut-outs, preserved leaves, silk leaves, or real leaves. Wooden discs are also a trendy alternative that give your tree a chic rustic look. There are many printables available on the web that have fall motifs, so you may want to include them in your tree.

THE ACCENTS are optional, but can be pom poms, acorns, charms, or lights. You can also personalize the tree by including photos of family members. Simple twine, raffia, or thin ribbons are used to connect the leaves and accents to the tree.

THE OPTIONAL PIECES: you may want to include some markers for guests, if you plan to use the tree as an interactive guest book.

Wondering where to display them? They can be placed as an attractive centerpiece at the entrance table of your foyer, coffee table, dining table, or buffet table.


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