Dad’s Root Beer-inspired Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

The idea of old-fashioned goodness with a timeless appeal is what we had in mind for a unique Father’s Day gift. What did we find? Dad’s Root Beer, of course! This iconic drink has been around since 1930s and has been the inspiration for making ice cream floats, cakes, and candy. But these aren’t the only things you can create. See these wonderful homemade gifts that we’ve gathered for you today—just in time for a fun Father’s Day BBQ party! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Dad’s Root Beer Themed Gifts for Father’s Day Party

Plan on hosting a BBQ party with recipes made with Dad’s Root Beer (*affiliate link via World Market) like chicken sammies (1). Give your tablescape beautiful yet simple centerpieces displayed in used bottles (2). Create a drinks table with a bucket of ice with a display of whimsical root beer bottles of Dad’s with humorous badges that you can print out from home (3).

Dad’s Root Beer-inspired Gift Ideas from Root Beer Float Kits to Tower Cakes

You can also choose to assemble a soda pop tower cake with cans of Dad’s including his favorite treats like Butterfinger and Double Bubble(4). For a totally last-minute gift, you can simple purchase a pack of Dad’s Root Beer, add a funny tag, and a bottle of nuts (5). Or prepare a root beer float kit complete with directions on how to make a root beer float (6).  Bake up some goodies for Dad, too! Make root beer float cupcakes (7) and cookies (8).

Whether you’re planning a party for Dad, a husband, or your number one man, make it special and unique with these Dad’s Root Beer-inspired ideas!

Dad’s Root Beer-inspired Gift Ideas with Root Beer Float Cupcake and Cookies

Sources of inspiraiton: 1 – Root Beer Crock Pot Chicken Sammies from Wine and Glue / 2 – Root Beer Centerpiece from Make It Lovely / 3 – Father’s Day Bottle “Top Pop” Badges – Printable from 2 Clever Blog / 4 – Soda Pop Tower “Cake” from Our Humble Hive / 5 – Father’s Day Last-Minute Gift “You Might be a Nut But You’re the Best Pop” – Printable from Let’s Mingle Blog / 6 – Root beer Float Kit with Printable from a Cup Full of Sass / 7 – Root Beer Float Cupcakes from Bird on a Cake / 8 – Root Beer Float Cookies from Your Homebased Mom

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