DIY Christmas Treat Bags to Make at Home: Frugal Christmas Series

We’re back with more practical ideas for a merry (but frugal) Christmas! We all know that a huge part of holiday favor giving is the festive packaging. And when you make the favor bags yourself, even the most simple token or goodie turns into a truly fun and personal gift. So whether your party theme is reindeer, Santa Claus, elves, or gingerbread men, we’ve gathered the most creative DIY treat bag ideas for you! So inexpensive and kid-crafty, too.

DIY Reindeer Treat Bags in 6 Ways

Rudolph and his deer team star in these adorable and totally doable favor packaging ideas. Get those craft supplies ready—plus red pom poms, jingle bells, gumballs, or buttons (for Rudolph’s nose, of course)!

Christmas DIY Reindeer candy treat and goody bags for kids

1 – Cello bags of red and green candies, from Kids Activities Blog

2 – Brown paper bags with googly eyes, chenille antlers, and red glitter paper noses, from An Alli Event

3 – Kraft gift bags with googly eyes, pompom noses, and candy cane antlers, from Whisking Mama

4 – Printable bag toppers seal simple cello bags of whoppers and 1 red candy, from Kimspired DIY

5 – DIY burlap sacks filled with “reindeer food” (oats with red and green sprinkles) and a red jingle bell for a nose, from Crafts Unleashed

6 – Another version of brown paper bags with big pompom noses and candy cane antlers, from Mumlyfe

DIY Santa Treat Bags in 6 Ways

What better way to give treats than in bags inspired by the jolliest gift-giver ever! Take your pick from these easy DIY packaging projects that go “Ho, ho, ho!”

DIY Christmas Santa goody bags for kids

1 – Santa pants treat bags, tutorial from Positively Splendid

2 – Red paper gift bags dressed up with Santa’s belt and a peppermint-striped tag, from Val Event Gal

3 – Ready-made mini tote bags with black duct tape belts and gold craft foam buckles, from Early Learning Ideas

4 – Santa Hat Kisses in clear bags with printable bag toppers trimmed with ribbon, from A Pumpkin and a Princess

5 – A third option for giving holiday chocolate Kisses, bundled up in pre-printed Santa bags with cute scallop-edged tags, from House 36

6 – Another way to give Santa Hat Kisses in long cello bags with printable gift tags, from Shaken Together

DIY Elf-themed Treat Bags in 6 Ways

Those cheeky little “elves on shelves” or Santa’s hardworking helpers can deliver sweet treats, too! Check out these budget-friendly elf-themed packaging ideas.

Homemade Christmas Elf kisses treat and goody bags for kids

1 – “Elf Kisses” in holiday green foil, trimmed with a fun printable tag from Chickabug

2 – “Elf Poo” (Christmas M&Ms) in cello bags with “Elf on the Shelf” free printable toppers, from Crystal and Comp

3 – Red and green “Elf Kisses” with a printable bag topper from Frugal Coupon Living

4 – Ingenious “Magic Elf Moving Glove” gift idea, with a printable bag topper from I Think We Could Be Friends—with instructions for using the glove to move an Elf on the Shelf without touching it (and in that way, preserve its magic)!

5 – Different printable Christmas bag toppers to choose from, including one for “Elf Kisses” from Kate Hadfield Designs

6- “Elf Kisses” packages decorated with paper cutout tags that come in kits available from My Creative Corner

DIY Gingerbread Men Treat Bags in 6 Ways

Everyone loves these delightful fellows—whether to eat over the holidays or to use as a Christmas packaging theme. Which one of these “yummy” ideas will you DIY?

DIY Gingerbread man treat and goody bags for kids

1 – Packages of “Gingerbread S’mores” trimmed with a free printable topper, from Chelsea’s Messy Apron

2 – DIY gingerbread man gift bag idea from Twenty Five Smiles, using embossed kraft bags, gingerbread labels, doilies, and die-cut Christmas trims

3 – Treat bag topper shaped like a gingerbread man’s face, from Somewhat Simple (found via Pinterest)

4 – Gingerbread cookies in the most charming packaging, featuring Christmas labels and gift tags from Evermine (cookie recipe included, too!)

5 – DIY Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit from Katarina’s Paperie, containing homebaked cookies plus containers of royal icing, sprinkles, and other trimmings—plus festive labels and tags

6 – Recycled brown paper bags cut into gingerbread men shapes, then stitched to hold treats and little gifts inside, from Caroline’s Craft and Garden Cottage

We’re loving how cost-saving, yet still so cute, these Christmas DIY treat bag ideas are!

Other great options would be to use store-bought gift bags, go homemade with a rustic flair, or assemble semi-DIY wrapping. Happy holiday packaging!

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