DIY Disco Party Table Decorations for New Year’s Eve

As you ring in the New Year dressed up in the most glamorous outfit, celebrate it with the rhythms of a dancing disco beat! We’re so excited about pitching this retro theme for your NYE party that we’re dedicating a series of posts to it. And we’re starting right here with disco era-inspired decorating ideas for your tablescape. Expect glitz and glitter, beads and bling from the centerpiece to the place settings to the party signage. Plus, they are totally DIYable. All in the spirit of kicking off—and swinging in—the brand new year with your best disco dance music and moves!

DIY Disco Party Table Decorations for a NYE Tablescape

As with any party, the guest tables are the focal points. So, from our own New Year’s Eve Party styled set, here are our table styling suggestions for putting together your own glam disco party!

Disco NYE Welcome Sign with Resolutions

A “dramatic entrance” – For a wow effect, have a stark black entryway wall or divider announce a Happy New Year greeting to arriving guests. Then, as they proceed into the party area, have it reveal a sparkling, candle-lit tablescape. You can use it as a “Resolution’s Wall” where guests can write their resolutions that makes a fun guest book!

Feather centerpieces  for a NYE Disco themed party

Flamboyant with feathers – There’s nothing like New Year’s Eve for a chance to go over the top in your table centerpiece. Have towering glass cylinders hold ostrich feathers dyed to match the color motif of the evening. Add glitter-covered masquerade masks and curly foil tendrils as festive accents.

New Year's Eve Party Disco Tablescape

Glittery greeting – Signage made with simple letter cutouts can get blinged up for the occasion with a coating of metallic glitter. Makes you think of those flashy disco club marquee signs!

NYE Disco table decorations

Beads for a retro touch – Remember those oversized gold chains worn by disco era dancefloor kings? Recreate a bit of that “accessory excess” by winding strands of colored metallic beads among the centerpiece elements. Easy and inexpensive!

NYE DIsco party horns

Make some noise – Horns, whistles, clappers, and other noisemakers are must-haves at a New Year’s Eve bash. But if you just want some to include in your centerpiece, make your own paper horns out of colored, metallic or glitter paper and arrange them in acrylic boxes filled with confetti and foil curls. Such fun NYE party favors!

Small silvery disco balls for NYE party

Mini disco balls – Have these mirror-covered Christmas balls left over from the holidays? They make perfect miniature replicas of those ‘70s spinning disco balls. Tuck them in among the tablescape elements for added party sparkle!

Curly metallic ribbons in blue and red

Glltzy glass – A super-easy way to create a festive party look on your tables is to include lots of glass elements. Think water and wine goblets, champagne flutes, even simple juice tumblers and shot glasses. Aside from being used for party drinks, they can be filled with foil curls, beads, and confetti to make the easiest DIY decorations!

NYE Disco Tablescape with disco balls, candles, and clock plate chargers

Lights down low – New Year’s Eve is usually associated with bright lights, sparklers, and fireworks. But you can create an elegant ambiance for your tablescape by keeping the room lights dim, and illuminating the centerpiece and place settings with candlelight.

Gold plate charger clock with roman numerals and menu card for a Disco NYE party

It’s about time! – Reference the midnight countdown by having table elements inspired by clocks and timepieces. Here’s our simple but stylish idea for the place settings: add black Roman numeral stickers to the rim of each guest’s gold plate charger. Clever and classy!

Disco NYE Party Sign

Menu/greeting cards –  Craft DIY menu cards to serve the double purpose of wishing everyone a Happy New Year and presenting the food and drinks to be enjoyed. You can add fun features, too, like a disco trivia game on the reverse or titles or lyrics of hit disco songs that guests will be asked to sing or dance to!

Your DIY Disco Party Table Decorations for NYE Checklist

Now that we’ve showed you the details on how to decorate your own disco dinner party table, here is a quick checklist to start your planning:

  1. glitter-covered masquerade masks
  2. ostrich feather centerpieces in glass cylinders
  3. curly foil ribbons
  4. mini disco balls
  5. cut-out of New Year’s Eve sign in glitter
  6. metallic beads in winding strands
  7. paper horns made from colored paper
  8. acrylic boxes filled with confetti and ribbon curls
  9. glass elements from wine to champagne flutes
  10. simple candle decorations with beaded accents
  11. gold plate chargers decorated to mimic a clock
  12. disco themed menu cards

Are you feeling that disco rhythm now? Watch out for our upcoming posts on more elements of this catchy theme that will make your New Year’s Eve party rock!

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