Easy and Budget-Friendly DIY Centerpiece Ideas for a Summer Party!

You’ve finally finished planning the menu for your annual summer gathering, but what about your centerpieces? Not to worry! Think inexpensive blooms and recycled bottles, jars, and cans! These are the elements that you can use to prepare last-minute table centerpieces for a summer celebration. In putting this post together, we sought out simple DIY centerpiece ideas that are not only budget-friendly, but also equally attractive for your tables.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas for a Summer Party Using Recycled Cans, Jars, and Bottles!

Last-minute Centerpiece Ideas for a Summer Party!

  1. Recycled cans and spaghetti jars with inexpensive blooms – see the tutorial by our fellow blogger, Dinah from DIY Inspired!
  2. Gerbera daisies in vintage lab glassware – using store-bought flowers, get vintage glassware and place flowers in them with colored water! What a clever idea via Linda Holt Interiors.
  3. Daffodil and citrus fruits’ centerpiece – see this simple DIY using mason jars via Bridal Tweet
  4. Wildflowers in used glass jars – see this colorful centerpiece from a real Southern wedding celebration as featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs. Photo by Dixie Pixel.
  5. Used Coke bottles with wildflowers – find this simple DIY using flowers picked from a backyard via And Then We Saved!
  6. French wine bottles filled with pretty pastel blooms – using flowers such as ranunculus from a local market, see how to prepare these centerpieces using old wine bottles via Smith and Ratliff.
  7. Bougainvilleas in different sizes of wine glasses – see how a trip to Italy finds oneself with an easy centerpiece idea during lunch! Visit the Creativity Exchange!

Tips for Making Easy Centerpieces!

  1. Consider store-bought bouquets, which you can separate and transfer to several bottles, jars, and cans.
  2. Create immediate impact by using colored water in jars. Vary the color or use different shades of the same color for a cool ombre effect!
  3. Keep your old wine bottles and re-use them as pretty containers!
  4. Choose wildflowers or backyard blooms like bougainvilleas, carnations, and even shapely leaves.
  5. Re-use vintage tins, tea cans, or imported tins that have been upcycled. These are wonderful for achieving a vintage-look for your tablescape.

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