Easy Photo Gifts that you can DIY as Holiday Gifts

Thanks to photo app and printing services, it is no surprise that putting your photo on virtually anything from coffee mugs to coasters has turned into popular gift idea. Using basic materials that you can readily find, applying photos to surfaces like wood, glass, and ceramic has never been easier! This is why we’re sharing with you 5 easy photo gift ideas for transforming your most precious selfies into awesome holiday gifts!

Photo Gifts that are Surprisingly Easy to Make

Several of the photo gift ideas below employ the basic technique of decoupage, which entails the pasting of paper cutouts containing images and applying these cut pieces of paper to almost any surface by use of a varnish. This varnish produces a result that has an inlaid impression. While you can use Mod Podge® as a quick way to craft your photo gifts, you can also use a mixture of simple paper glue like Elmer’s Glue and water as a substitute. Now let’s check out our favorite finds:

Easy Photo Gifts to Make as Holiday Gifts // Curated Ideas by Bellenza.

1 – Photo block via PostalPix with tutorial by Undomestic Diva that makes uses basic wooden blocks, Mod Podge®, and scrapbook paper with photo prints on them.

2 – Photo mug video tutorial using waterside decal paper, a ceramic mug, and printed photo from Youtube user Pudge The Cat.

3 – Photo tiles or coasters via Instructables, which uses Mod Podge®, ceramic tiles, and clear lacquer.

4 – Photo glass votives made with photocopied photos that are printed on clear contact paper. Find this DIY at Inspired Ideas Magazine.

5 – DIY wood slice ornaments from Inspired by Charm that also uses Mod Podge®, wooden slices, and ribbons to name of the materials used in this tutorial.

Do remember that depending on your surface material, the amount of varnish to apply will vary. Also, when printing out black and white photos from your home printer, the quality of the printout will depend on whether you are using a laser or ink jet printer.

Here’s a list of basic supplies that you will need (available from Amazon):

  1. Mod Podge® or Elmer’s Glue
  2. Wooden slices
  3. Foam brush
  4. Contact paper sheets
  5. Decal paper
  6. Ceramic tile for crafting

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