How to Make Faux Snow for Your Winter Party Tablescape

Let it snow! Or at least let it look like you have newly-fallen snow on your winter party table settings. We’ll be sharing with you a neat and super-simple way to create faux snow out of…well, let’s leave that as a surprise for now!

Imagine being able to simulate a wintry scene for your party even if “the weather outside is(n’t) frightful”! You’ll be able to place this artificial snow wherever you fancy—as part of your centerpieces, your dessert table, your escort cards display, even your party’s welcome sign. And there’ll be no messy puddles of melted snow to clean up afterwards. Intrigued? Okay, let’s go make some snow!

Step 1: Prepare these easy-to-find materials.

Faux snow materials // Bellenza.

Only one of the items for this DIY project needs to be purchased. The rest you’ll have right at home:

  • – disposable diapers (yes, that’s the surprise!)
  • – a mixing bowl or small bucket
  • – a pair of scissors
  • – a pair of food-handling gloves
  • – decorative glass bowls to hold the finished “snow”

The quantity of diapers will of course depend on how much snow you’d like to have for decorating purposes. The great thing is you can always run out and buy a few more pieces if you run short of snow!

Steps 2 & 3: Cut the disposable diaper open to expose the stuffing.

Cut the disposable diaper open to expose the stuffing.

What you will actually be using is the stuffing inside the diapers. So here’s the easy way to get to it:

  • Open up the diaper so that the inner lining is facing upwards.
  • Take the scissors and cut that inner lining right down the center length of the diaper.
  • Pull the cut lining open to either side, and you’ll notice that it separates quite cleanly from the inner stuffing.
  • Be sure to open the lining fully to expose the entire pad of stuffing, so you avoid wasting any of it.

Steps 4 & 5: Pull the stuffing out and transfer it to a mixing bowl.

Pull the stuffing out and transfer it to a mixing bowl. // Faux Snow by Bellenza.

Now, to take the stuffing out of the diaper:

  • – Grasp the stuffing firmly and pull it out of the diaper lining by the handful. Doing it in little pinches will only take longer!
  • – Do take care, though, not to make the stuffing particles fly up in the air, as they could cause a sneezing fit—plus an additional mess for you to clean up.
  • – Transfer each handful of stuffing into the mixing bowl or bucket.

Steps 6 & 7: Add water and moisten the stuffing by hand.

Add water and moisten the stuffing by hand.

To magically transform the stuffing into “snow,” follow these steps:

  • – Pour a little water onto the stuffing in the bucket. Don’t pour too much at a time, since you can always add more water as needed.
  • – Put on the food-handling gloves and start mixing and kneading lightly to distribute the moisture throughout the stuffing. It will start to become lumpy and you’ll see the appearance turn crystal-like, very much like actual snow!
  • – If you spot some dry portions, drizzle a bit more water on these and knead them until you have a bucketful of faux snow.

Step 8: Transfer the “snow” to your decorative containers.

You're almost done // Faux Snow by Bellenza

One last step and you’re almost ready for the party:

  • – Take the different decorative containers you’ve prepared for your tablescape and fill them with this pretty artificial snow.
  • – Repeat this same procedure as many times as needed to create enough to complete your winter wonderland look!

Sparkling Snow Lights Up Your Winter Party Tables

Faux Snow Using Diapers Tutorial // Bellenza.

Come party time, guests are sure to marvel at the snowy scene that will greet them. Some will probably touch the crystal-like bunches just to see if they’re ice cold, like the real thing!

Here, we positioned bowls of snow amidst the floral centerpieces and candles—perfect for catching the light. Plus we scattered some loose snow around the table top as though a light snowfall had just passed. What a surprisingly simple way, don’t you think, to dress up your party tables with that sparkly winter charm?

Winter Party Tablescape with Faux Snow DIy by Bellenza.

Would you like to see more details for this snowy Winter scene?

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