Creative Ideas for Easter Peeps as Fun Sweets and Treats

Okay, so peeps are these delightful little chick-shaped Easter confections that come in a rainbow of colors. But aside from serving them as sweet treats, what else can you do with them? Well, trust creative party stylists and food bloggers to come up with some truly winning ways with peeps—taking advantage of their ready-made cuteness to bring Easter cheer. Take your pick from these fun finds, or create your own!

Huh? What are Peeps?

For our friends from other countries who may be mystified by the whole peeps craze, these are best described as marshmallow-like sweets made from sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, tinted in festive colors then shaped into tiny chicks to be given or served as Easter treats. They have since expanded into bunny and other animal shapes, as well as peeps for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day!

Trivia question: Where did the name ‘peeps’ come from? Leave your guesses in the comments below!

Creative Easter Peeps Ideas from Cakes to Centerpieces to Cupcakes in Mutli-colors

You can whip up a darling Easter cake (1) in a snap, by simply using peeps and gumballs to top a store-bought cake. For a DIY centerpiece (2), multi-colored peeps on sticks can be arranged in a pretty pitcher, then given out as party favors afterwards. Or you can delight guests with a clever variation on the ever-popular S’mores (3), with peeps in place of traditional marshmallows!

For a sweet-as-can-be dessert display, check out the choices! Delightful cupcakes (4) with peeps and mini eggs perched on frosting ‘grass’—kids would love these as take-home treats, too. A cream-filled Charlotte Russe dessert (5) ringed with lady fingers and topped with rows of peeps. Or perhaps salty sweet pretzels (6) or white choco-dipped treats with sprinkles (7)—all prettied up with peeps, of course!

Got a creative peeps idea of your own for Easter? Show off a bit and share it in a comment below.

For details on the ideas shown above, visit these posts:

1 – Easter cake by Dixie Delights; 2 – Peeps on sticks by Your Homebased Mom; 3 – S’mores by Eclectic Recipes; 4 – Cupcakes by Oven Adventures; 5 – Charlotte Russe by Parsimonia (Secondhand with Style) based Better Homes & Gardens (April 1967 issue); 6 – Pretzels by Love From the Oven; 7 – Choco-dipped peeps by Your Homebased Mom

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