See & Do: A Tropical Centerpiece Candlescape DIY Using Raffia!

With summer temperatures and balmy breezes come tropical-themed parties. And we have just the thing to add that wow factor to your table setting: a stunning candlescape! Guests will be so impressed, they’ll never guess how simple it is to make.

Why ‘See & Do’? Looking back through our styled sets over the years, we’re pretty proud of the DIY decorations crafted by our creative team! So we’ve decided to share several of these with you, one by one, in a new category of posts called “See & Do.” Even without a step-by-step tutorial, you can simply see the finished item and do your own take on it. Here we go!

A luau-inspired candlescape by Bellenza. #luaucandlescape #luaucandles

Materials you will need:

  • – clear glass cylinders – different sizes and heights, if possible
  • – loose raffia straw
  • – candles – pillar type, tapers, votives, or even tea lights depending on cylinder size

The steps:

  1. Take lengths of raffia straw and wrap them around the glass cylinders.
  2. Overlap and even twist the raffia as you wish, to create visual interest. But be sure to leave gaps for the candle glow to show through.
  3. Secure the raffia in place by tucking the loose ends underneath the encircling straw.
  4. Come set-up time, group varied heights of wrapped cylinders at the center of your party table, if round—or in a row, if your table is rectangular.
  5. Lower an unlit candle into each cylinder. Then, just before guests arrive, light these with a gas stove lighter for ease and safety.


That’s it! Such a super-easy, yet high-impact focal point for tables at a pool party, a festive luau, or a beach-side bash.

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