Stylish Candle Projects that You Can Make for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re decorating for a Thanksgiving party or just want to give your home the cozy feel of the season, candles have got to be a key element! Not only are candles an inexpensive way to light up the scene, but they can be dressed up, assembled, and positioned in almost endless ways. And when it’s for fall decorating, it’s so much fun! Just look at these candle projects we found that you can make yourself!

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Tips to get your creative juices started

These are the key decorating ideas and tips we see here, that you can then take and apply for your own projects:

  • Using edibles – We all love fall fruits and harvest season produce. So you can carve out pumpkins and other gourds, even apples or artichokes, and nestle candles into them. You could also create a bed of nuts, corn kernels, acorns, or coffee beans to line glass cylinders or hurricane lanterns, then balance candles on top.
  • Jazzing up the autumn palette – Update the conventional fall color scheme of oranges, reds, and browns with buttery to corn yellows, muted sage green to perky chartreuse, and neutrals like ivory, straw, and cream. Or for a bit of surprise, you could even go for pops of plum or purple, or even cobalt to cornflower blue!
  • Playing with organic materials – Wine corks, wood slabs or slices, tree bark, dried corn husks, bunches of wheat, raffia ties, bare branches or twigs, sprigs of berries, and of course leaves, leaves, leaves! All these can be easily sourced at this time year, and used to decorate your candles.
  • Enjoying scents – Along with the much-loved flavors of fall come the scents and aromas that make this season so heartwarming. So why not select materials whose fragrances will be released once the candles are lit? Think cinnamon sticks, pine needles and pine cones, dried potpourri of apple, pear, and orange slices, whole coffee beans, and the like!
  • Adding some bling – Glittery touches need not be reserved for winter decor. Bring some sparkle to your candle display with bands of paper or bark trimmed with rhinestones. Or glue jeweled buttons, brooches, or earrings onto the candles themselves. Metallic accents in gold, silver, copper, or brass would also be striking as they catch and reflect the candle light!

Fall-time decorating couldn’t be easier or prettier than with candles in all their variety, and with all their decorating possibilities! We’re sure these projects sparked some bright ideas for you, too!


  1. That cork idea is very easy to do! I’ve got tons of them at home. Now I know what to do with them.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our pumpkin tealights!

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