Be a DIY Diva: Glitzy Candle Holders for a Hollywood Sweet 16

If it’s a paparazzi-worthy event you’re aiming for at your daughter’s Hollywood-themed Sweet 16 party, then glitz and glam are definite musts! But you’re probably worried that all that bling will bloat your decor budget, right? Enter ready-to-use glitter accents, courtesy of rhinestone or jewelry stickers! A pricey look without a pricey tag.

These stickers can transform a whole array of party decorations into sparkly stunners for your table settings—from place cards to table numbers to candle holders. As an example, we have a super-easy tutorial for crafting your own glitzy candle holders perfect for a Hollywood theme. So easy, in fact, we have to call this a “semi-DIY”!

Cube glass cylinder, scissors, rhinestone stickers

Step 1: Gather the needed materials.

This DIY project requires only 2 basic materials that are actually ready to use. All you will need are:

  1. Cube or cylinder style glass vases
  2. Ready-to-use rhinestone or glitter stickers
  3. A pair of scissors

Step 2: Peel off a strip of rhinestone stickers from its backing.

Open and peel off the backing of only 1 strip of glitter stickers at a time. The adhesive on these stickers is quite strong, so you may accidentally get them stuck to other items while you’re working! In fact, you may even want to leave the backing only partially removed. And then gradually peel it away as you proceed with Steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Attach the glitter strip to the glass vase.

Since the stickers come in pre-cut strips, they have a given width for you to plan your design around. You could either position them to form a band around the vase (as we did) or place the strips side by side to fully cover the outer surface of the vase.

Hint: Use the rows of “rhinestones” themselves as a handy cutting guide as you trim the stickers to whatever width or length you need. You’ll get a straight edge every time!

Step 4: Continue wrapping the sticker around the vase until the band of bling is complete.

As you continue to attach the sticker strip, press it firmly against the glass surface to smoothen out any bumps or bubbles. Also check that the strips are properly aligned, to ensure that the ends will meet up properly when complete.

Reminder: The adhesive is quite strong so it would be tricky to try and re-position a portion that’s already stuck on. Work slowly and carefully.

Step 5: Make as many candle holders as needed.

Repeat this procedure to make as many candle holders as you will need for your party. Remember, you can vary the sticker placement from one vase to the next. Or you could use different shapes and sizes of containers for visual interest.

Glittery candle decorations for a Hollywood Theme Party

Your Gorgeous Candles All Aglow at the Celebration!

Come party time, set out your blinged candle holders amidst all the other glittery elements on your tables. There, you can use them to display candles, tall slender tapers, votives, tea lights—or a combination of all!


  1. These are amazingly beautiful and so easy! I need to whip some up for Christmas decor – perfect!

  2. These are beautiful! Who couldn’t resist a little glam? Thank you for sharing these with us at the Merry Monday Link Party–and since you were #200, I’ll be featuring these on my page for this week’s party! I’m so excited you linked up with us!

    • Wow! That’s great to hear! Happy to be featured on your blog! Have a nice week.

  3. What a fun and easy craft project. I love bling and these rhinestone stickers would make it so easy to add sparkle to everything. Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday.

    • Isn’t it! We loved doing this project! So fun and easy.

  4. I love those glitter stickers. I used them at my wedding and they looked amazing. They are certainly a great way to jazz up the decoration and give that glitz and glam 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday at Smart Party Planning. Hope to see you back again next week 🙂

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