16 Themed Baby Shower Favor Ideas: Unique + Fun!

The themes for baby showers nowadays just keep getting more creative and clever. There are a number of really popular ones, though, that have caught everyone’s fancy—like the 16 adorable themes we’re presenting here! Once you’ve got the shower decorations, food, drinks and desserts down pat, though, there’s still the challenge of finding the perfect themed baby shower favors to match. You want something that suits the motif, of course. But you’re also looking for favors that are practical, doable (if you’re into DIY) and affordable. So those were our criteria for choosing these 16 ideas to inspire you. Happy choosing!

Unique Favor Ideas to Match Your Baby Shower Theme

Unique baby shower themed favor ideas // The Bellenza Party Blog

1 – For the fun “She’s About to Pop” theme, anything that’s a play on the “pop” concept—lollipops, popcorn, cake pops, balloons—would be great! But for a more chic gathering, why not go with “popping the cork,” using mini wine bottles with customized labels like these from Bottle Your Brand (image via Pinterest).

2 – If your shower will have a “Woodland Animals” theme, something natural, like live plants, would surely be appreciated by guests. And one of the easiest kinds to give (and to care for afterwards) are succulents in little terracotta pots, as seen in this real party featured on Evite.

3 – “Sweet as Honey” or other variations on a honey bee theme call for gifting guests with jars of golden honey, of course! This honeycomb-inspired real baby shower seen on Dreamers Joy is full of other adorable ideas, too. So be sure to buzz on by!

4 – The ever-popular “Nautical” or “Beach” theme for a baby boy allows you to think of favor ideas crafted from seashells. Mom-to-be and her guests will find these elegant handmade shell trays from our Bellenza Shop a lovely, practical gift!

5 – An “Alice in Wonderland” or “Mad Hatter” theme gives you the chance to source unique vintage, retro or modern teacups to give as shower favors. Bundle them up in colorful fabric wraps, as seen on Bellenza, for a whimsical presentation!

6 – Okay, so mustaches may be “so last year!” But for a “Little Man” baby shower theme, choose ones with a special spin—like these seed paper mustaches available from Recycled Ideas Favors. Guests can plant them and grow (no, not little mustaches) flowers!

7 – Fresh apples would be an obvious favor choice to give at a “You’re the Apple of My Eye” shower. But if you’re into baking, consider preparing individual apple-pies-in-jars and package them as prettily as these ones by Bloom Designs Online, featured on Celebrations at Home.

8 – What goes with a “Safari” theme? Adorable stuffed toy monkeys, of course! Don’t worry, even your grownup guests (and/or their children) will find these little guys so cute and cuddly. Just pop them into paper bags with printable labels, like these from Evermine.

9 – What about for a “Baby Boho” shower theme? Miniature dreamcatchers or feather cookies would be perfect. But we spotted these macarons painted with gold Aztec or tribal designs on Paper and Cake (Patty Othon Photography). A glam option, don’t you think?

10 – A “Storybook” theme is among the most loved for baby showers. But giving actual books as favors would be pricey. So see how you can decorate cupcakes topped with the most popular storybook covers, as shown on Sweet Williams Family.

11 – If you’re going with a “Little Sailor” motif, how clever (and easy) would it be to simply fill little nursing bottles with candy. Then, dress them up with themed “Ahoy! It’s a Boy” labels, like these from Zperfect Party seen on Get Creative Juice.

12 – For a “Spring Garden” or “The Stork is Coming” theme, any gift item celebrating pretty spring flowers would be ideal. One of the easiest ideas is to give your choice of edibles, little soaps, potpourri or trinkets presented in floral-painted silk pouches like these ones we have at Bellenza!

13 – For a chic spin to your baby shower, it’s hard to beat a “Kate Spade” theme. Bring on the iconic black, fuchsia and gold she’s known for through decorated cookie favors. Aren’t these ones by Julia Usher, found via Cookie Connection, just amazing?!

14 – Button-shaped treats would be just the thing as favors for a “Cute as a Button” baby celebration. You could make your own, or simply order ready-made button cookies in matching gift boxes. Thanks to The Thinking Closet for this image from your real party post!

15 – “Little Peanut” is another darling theme with great decorating and favor possibilities! See how creatively these dessert jars of Toblerone Mousse are decorated with peanut shells. Cute idea courtesy of Sugarplum Sweets, via Spaceships and Laser Beams.

16 – Thinking of a “Jungle Animals” theme? You can actually give any shower favors you wish. The secret will then be in the packaging. Transform brown paper bags into favor totes by adding bands of animal-print paper and animal head cutouts. See the tutorial on Celebrate Creativity to make your own.

Talk about fun with favors! What baby shower theme are you planning? Let us know what creative favor ideas you’ve got to match.

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