10 Ways to Host a Bowling Birthday Party with Homemade Ideas

Get your bowling birthday party in high gear with these 10 homemade ideas for an intimate home gathering that is simple and sensible. For this kid’s party theme, we sought out inspiration from everyday bloggers by way of ideas that have a personal and doable nature to them. From invitations to décor and food, this is definitely one celebration that you can put together without feeling overwhelmed!

Bowling Themed Invites, Food, and Decor

Bowling Birthday Party Decor, Food, and Invites

1 – Send out printable invitations with a bowling pin and ball motif that we saw via Jolly Mom.

2 – Present a bowling themed birthday cake! This whimsical cake by Cake Believe was made of chocolate buttercream, which was made to mimic the look of a wooden bowling alley lane.

3 – Make a fast centerpiece using cheese balls as gutter balls and a black paper bowl to hold everything up, including the table signage. See this party idea via hollydays.

4 – For your entryway, consider displaying bowling pins made from foam board cutouts, which can be bought from the Dollar Store. Attach red scrapbook paper to create the pins’ design and keep them standing upright by taping them to tin cans. What a clever idea via Invite and Delight!

5 – When you’re too busy to make your own party food, ordering a packaged meal not only saves time, but also gives you enough energy left over to host the party. This bowling themed buffet table consisting of pizza, pretzels, Caesar salad, and bruschetta is a perfect example that we saw on the blog of Talk of the House.

Bowling Party Favors, Banner, and Activity!

Bowling Birthday Party Favors and Activity

1 – For partyware, this crafty idea from Duke and Duchesses makes use of decorating forks with red duct tape that are made to look like pins, while paper plates are punched out with holes to make them resemble bowling balls.

2 – Add a festive banner to your celebration with a printable one from the blog of Chikabug! The banner was made by cutting out triangles, and stringing them together through punched holes located at the top corners of each triangle. Then, ribbons were added as decorative accents.

3 – Fun and easy! These cookies can be made using store-bought Nutter Butter and Oreos! To make the pins, simply dip Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate. As for the balls, decorate Oreos with white chocolate dots. Found via Pinterest.

4 – Give party favor bags with a bowling ball and pin! These lovely pieces were made of plain red favor bags that were also bought from the Dollar Store, and then decorated with cutouts of a ball and pin using white poster board. See Michelle Urban Cottage’s blog for more details.

5 – Complete the party with an activity that you can quickly put together using items from home! This indoor bowling game craft idea using upcycled water bottles is a must-see DIY from Everyday Dishes.

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