7 Fun Slumber Party Alternatives for Pre-teen Girls

Not too sure if you can manage a houseful of high-energy, giggling pre-teeners overnight? Then, maybe instead of a full slumber party, you can choose a popular theme and schedule your daughter’s birthday bash from 5:00 to 9:00 in the evening. It’ll make her and her guests feel (sort of) grown-up! Take your pick from these 7 fun slumber party alternative themes that girls from 10 to 12 would just adore—from active and outdoorsy, to fashion-inspired, crafty or just chillin’ with a movie and munchies!

Pre-teen Party Themes to Hold in the Evening

You know your daughter and her BFFs best. Which among these creative and fun ideas would they be excited to celebrate with together?

Slumber party alternatives for pre-teens.

Thanks to some amazing party planning sites and cool mom blogs, you can find great ideas for decorating, food, treats and activities for each theme below.

1 – Kids Spa Party – This popular motif was actually styled for Valentine’s by The Shopping Mama. But the hearts, candies, sprinkles and miniature spa supplies would be just darling at a birthday party any time!

2 – Crafting Night Party – We love this dream-catchers project with helpful how-to tips from Art Bar Blog. Take your cue from this, choose any arts and crafts activity your girls will enjoy, and focus the party around it.

3 – Roller Skating Night – Knowing all that pre-teen energy, you could block off part of your garden or driveway for the girls to roller-skate around (or you might have a roller skating rink in your neighborhood?). Then, serve refreshing snacks and treats presented as prettily as featured on Bird’s Party!

4 – Fashion Theme Party – What little lady doesn’t love to play dress up? So take inspiration from this fashionista-style party by Pink Peppermint Design, with decorating, food and favor details that are both chic and sweet.

5 – Movie Night – Let your birthday girl choose a current hit film, or suggest a classic they mustn’t miss. Then add even the simplest handmade movie-viewing must-haves (party props, popcorn, snacks, cake) just like in this heartwarming example from Hej Doll. You can also checkout our “going to the movie’s theme” styled shoot.

6 – Kids Bowling Party – This is always a winning activity, since everyone can join in and have a blast! You can simulate a bowling alley right in your home, then pull the party look together with adorable bowling-themed printables from Anders Ruff.

7 – Girls’ Glamping – What about camping in the safety of your home garden, but in a fabulous full-size teepee as found on Pinterest (attributed to Love Toast Blog)? You can have the customary campfire games and singing, roasting s’mores over a grill, even some time on sleeping bags or mats—until parents come for pickup around 9:00.

Oh, to be pre-teeners again marking a birthday with a theme like one of these! What other sleepover party alternatives can you suggest?

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