Elf on the Shelf Party Theme: Ideas Made Easy for You!

If there’s one holiday theme that’s got built-in fun it’s the Elf on the Shelf tradition! Being such a hugely popular icon popping up in homes during this season, practically every variation imaginable of this naughty little fellow have been created. So every element you will need for an Elf on the Shelf Party are literally ‘on the shelves’ of your nearest grocery, craft store, bake shop, toy store, and yes even your favorite online shop! See this sampling of 8 finds—table setting, sweet treats, and party activities—that will have your Elf event up and ready in a snap!

Party-ready Elements for an Elf-themed Holiday bash

No need to make anything from scratch (unless you want to!). These party elements are ready to use and enjoy. Just add arranging and displaying skills—and some elf-loving guests!

Holiday Party Planning Made Easy With an Elf on the Shelf Theme!

Of course, the star of the show will be “Elfie” himself or herself—or maybe even a whole gang of these mischievous characters, if you wish. Simply take your pick from the little dolls and figurines available everywhere, all ready to be tucked amidst the party decor!

Just as easy are the witty messages and giggly surprises that come along with the Elf on the Shelf game. Play this up with personalized signs and notes (2), using elf clip art, festive fonts, and Christmas trimmings galore! Be creative and playful, like having an Elf writing a letter to Santa (6) or displaying a cheery note to party guests.

There are amazing Elf-themed printable packs (7), too, to dress up your dessert table or decorate your entire party! Or you can craft or hand-letter your own banners, labels, and tags using your stash of holiday crafts supplies.

An Elf-themed table setting (5) is another “breeze” to prepare. Just pull together party ware and decorations in the brightest, glittery-est red and green you can find. Mix and match patterns. Combine modern and vintage. Don’t worry about going over the top. Elves love it!

Mustn’t forget the sweet treats! Order or buy some adorable ready-made goodies, or bake up some batches of roll out sugar cookies (3) decorated as Elves, or use some as zany props for your Elf dolls to play around with—like lifting cookie weights (4). Then, to work off those calories, you can have your Elf enjoy a Twister game (1) with some toy-buddies!

And for a really fun touch to delight kiddie guests, prepare Elf name tags (8) to identify the dolls you’ll have on display or to personalize the ones you’ll be giving as favors. (Note: These ones were actually made for a party where the Elf dolls were the “guests”!)

Don’t you just love these ideas? Click on the links below to see the full party inspiration or to access the featured product:

1 – Elf Twister Game Printable – Frugal Coupon Living
2 – Elf on the Shelf Breakfast – A to Zebra Celebrations
3 – Elf on the Shelf Roll Out Sugar Cookies – The Seaside Baker
4 – Elf Doing (Cookie) Weights – Pillsbury
5 – Elf Welcome Party Table Setting – Growing Up Gabel
6 – Elf Writing Note to Santa – Design Dazzle
7 – Elf Party Printable Packs – Swish Printables
8 – Elf Name Tags – Sweet Cheeks, Tasty Treats

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