How to Plan a Backyard BBQ Family Reunion with a Movie Theme

Summer is the perfect season for gathering the clan for a Backyard BBQ Family Reunion! But planning for a guest list of 40 or so, can be quite a challenge—especially if you’re on a budget. So we’ve rounded up some affordable and doable BBQ bash ideas for food, drinks, desserts, favors and even attire. Plus we’ve tossed in a movie theme that’s great as an outdoor activity for all ages to enjoy. Let the family fun begin!

Backyard BBQ + Movie Theme: Family Reunion Ideas

Keep the focus on family togetherness and full tummies with these inspiring ideas from real events, recipe sites, and a couple of our fave affiliates!

How to Plan a Backyard BBQ Family Reunion with a Movie Theme
A barbecue gathering couldn’t be more ideal for a family reunion. It allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors, chat over a grilled meal served picnic style, and share a relaxing activity—like watching a well-loved family film!

Get everyone excited for the clan event with a BBQ cookout family reunion invitation (1). Notice how the red gingham motif on the invite will be carried through to other elements of the party—from the playful picnic-inspired cake (4), to the ever-popular s’mores station (3), to the fabric wraps for the trail mix favors (10).

Then, of course, there’s the food! Have family members share grill duty to serve up BBQ staples like steaks, sausages, burgers and grilled veggies (2). Keep everyone refreshed with freshly-squeezed fruit juices served from dispensers at a beverage station (5). Then offer up make-your-own desserts via an ice cream sundae bar (7).

Finally, play up the family sentiment with outdoor activities. Think lawn games, a treasure hunt for the kids, a family trivia quiz—culminating in movie-viewing (9) together as the sun begins to set. And don’t forget the must-have group photos of everyone wearing a customized family reunion t-shirt (6) and each one signing their name on a personalized family tree canvas print (8) to mark the occasion!

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