Plan Winning Moves for a Chess-themed Boy’s Birthday Party

Chess is definitely a complex game. But planning a boy’s birthday party with a chess theme can be pulled off quite simply and affordably with clever DIY crafts and homebaked treats – all playing up the signature elements of the game. Your young celebrant is going to be giving you high-fives and hugs for making him the coolest chess Grand Master on his special day! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Select Chess Party Elements You Can DIY or Semi-DIY

Thanks to these inspiring ideas, you’ll see how you can plan and assemble a chess party theme with handcrafted decorations and homemade goodies. Plus a little help from ready-to-buy products we discovered.

Chess themed birthday party featured ideas

The first move in the party-planning game is to send out cool chess-themed invitations (1), customized with your celebrant’s name and the party details. Then, assemble a chessboard birthday cake (2) that’s actually Rice Krispie Treats underneath a layer of white fondant with milk chocolate squares, then chess pieces made with candy molds!

For tabletop decorations, craft “standees” of chess pieces (3) out of cardboard covered with black and white paper, or spray painted. These can serve as centerpieces or as accents for the snacks, dessert, or favors table.

Speaking of party food, continue the DIY approach with clever themed touches like a Lego rook’s tower, chess piece iced cookies, and packs of Chessmen mini cookies on the snacks table (4). Create chessboard sandwiches (5) using different colors of bread, then  “chess pieces” improvised out of pickles, olives, tomatoes and celery! Then, homebake (or buy from the store) frosted cupcakes (6) that you just top with dark and white chocolate chess pieces – or chess toppers you either make or print from an online printable.

And of course, a chess party must have a chess activity in one form or another. But since not all the guests may be into the actual game, make it fun by setting up a giant chess set (7) out in the yard – where even littler ones can enjoy moving the pieces around. Or set up a play table and challenge the youngsters to build their own Lego chess set (8) out of the different colored bricks and mini characters!

Sources: 1 – chess invitation (*affiliate link from Amazon) / 2 – Baking and Boys / 3 – via Pinterest / 4 – Laura Giuliani / 5 – DIY Ditders / 6 – Sweet Dreams Bakery / 7 – giant chess set (*affiliate link from Amazon) / 8 – 100 Directions

Give Fun Chess Favors from Chessmen Cookies to Pencils

Chess party favors need not be all serious and nerdy-looking. Take a look at these fun options we found!

Chess party for birthday boy.

Depending on your budget, the drawstring backpack (1) can serve as the party loot bag filled with more chess-themed novelties and treats (see our product picks below). Or it can be the main favor itself, with a DIY tag to personalize it!

*Affiliate links from Amazon

1 – Chess Gamer Pieces Drawstring Backpack

2 – Chess Knight Erasers (Pack of 25)

3 – Magnetic Travel Chess Set

5 – Kids Travel Folding Chess Board Game (Pack of 10)

4 – Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies (2.25 oz. Bag, 36-Count)

9 – Chess Pencils – By US Chess Federation (5 Pencils per Pack)

10 – Black and White Chess Matte Sticker Sheets

*Affiliate links from Zazzle

6 – Chess Dudes Sticker (sheet of 20)

7 – Chess Bag Tag

8 – Chess Symbols Keychain

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