Rustic Glam Christmas Table Decorations and Centerpieces

Planning the look for your Christmas party, but don’t want to go with the traditional route for your table decorations and centerpieces? Think rustic glam! That’s the design we were aiming for in this holiday-inspired styled shoot. By combining non-Christmasy natural elements with gold baubles, candles, and glitter, you get a fresh, contemporary take on the expected yuletide look. Plus, if you choose to use faux materials, the decorations and centerpieces can be enjoyed all season long!

Set a Palette of Green, Gold, and Ivory

Rustic glam Christmas table decorations and centerpieces

As the focal point for a long party table, position a main centerpiece at mid-table. Here is where you establish the palette of green and gold, set against ivory elements plus touches of rust, brick red, mauve, and plum for your table decorations. The centerpiece vase we used is actually a sleek modern fruit bowl, but you could use one in glass, ceramic, or even wood. Notice, too, how the colored leaves form a sort of nest around the arrangement, giving it a rustic woodland look—but in such artful hues!

Add Festive Christmas Baubles and Accents to the Centerpieces

Gold and glittery Christmas balls nestled among the centerpiece elements bring in the spirit of the season.

For the requisite reference to Christmas, we put in matte gold Christmas balls decorated with glittery swirls. For visual interest, you may choose different sizes and finishes of balls—but all in gold. If you have other gold ornaments available, like painted apples, pears, or pine cones, these would make pretty additions as well.

Hint: Resist including multi-colored baubles and trims or unrelated ornaments (snowmen, reindeer, Santas!), as these will detract from the elegant palette you’ve set.

Use Unusual Elements with Rustic Textures

Along with the holiday accents, the main centerpiece is actually composed of quite unusual and interesting rustic elements. When you think “rustic” for Christmas decor, you normally envision pine needles, poinsettias, holly and berries, right? But we challenge you to abandon the norm and go with interesting shapes, textures, and details like these:

  • bolls of raw cotton
  • dried flowers and leaves
  • sprigs of wheat or oats
  • woody twigs, bark, and wood chips
  • moss-covered stones
  • raffia fiber or straw
  • acorns, nuts, miniature gourds

Consider textures that are out of the ordinary, which bring a unique feel to the centerpieces.

Hint: If you just so happen to live by a forest, you could make great finds like these during a quick scavenging stroll! But city-bound folks need not despair. These elements come in faux form—either amazingly lifelike or clearly decorative (painted or dyed in various colors or coated in glitter). Visit your nearest home decor outlet and check out the section for artificial leaves, flowers, and the like.

Complement with Candle Decorations

As for the rest of the table, extend the centerpiece treatment to either end. But here, you can neutralize the palette a bit with side arrangements in faux ivory flowers and lots of greenery. For added height and elegance, position gold taper candles in modern glass candlesticks interspersed among the centerpieces. Then again, surround these with gold Christmas balls for that rustic, holiday touch.

Candles bring instant style to any party table. And for this Christmas centerpiece, gold tapers add height and elegance displayed in sleek glass candlesticks.

Hint: Other lovely candle treatments you could try are ivory-colored tapers in gold candleholders, simple candles set on jeweled mirror coasters, or white votives in glass crystal holders.

As you can see, why limit yourself to a traditional look for your Christmas table decorations and centerpieces, when ideas abound for stunning table focal points that say “Happy Holidays” in style! It’s a showcase indeed!


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