How to Throw a Spa Party for Mother’s Day: Relax and Pamper!

Pull together a spa themed party for Mother’s Day! We’re showing you today how much fun and easy it is to plan a day of pampering for mom. Consider DIY components with whimsical and chic elements! Serve food and desserts that are light and tasty, too. Let’s see how you can make this special day one that mom will always remember!

Ideas for Mother’s Day Spa Party!

Consider pressed sandwiches made of chicken, bacon, and tomato served alongside mini salad shots and a variety of soups. These can be presented buffet style, so guests are free to pick and choose what they like. To stay hydrated and refreshed, serve cold lemon water with mint. You can also opt for mimosas and iced sweet teas! Just be sure to assemble these in a bar-style for easy access! Then, present elegant desserts like French pastry tarts, macarons and madeleines, including fresh fruit to make a sweet and tantalizing end.

As for the pampering part, think of setting up a nail polish bar set out with different nail polish colors. Arrange for foot spas and massages, including facial scrubs. You can set aside bath robes for guests, slippers, and masks as part of a spa table complete with a Mother’s Day spa signage

With all of the attention to detail, we’re sure mom will be pleased with this celebration!

Spa Party for Mother's Day. Ideas from menu to spa party activities | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza.

  1. Pressed sandwiches – see recipe at Perpetually Hungry
  2. Nail polish bar – see the DIY at Something Turquoise
  3. Sugar scrub – find the DIY at The Kitchen Mccabe
  4. Lemon water – get the recipe at Eat Yourself Skinny
  5. DIY foot spa – see the diy on Youtube
  6. Spa invitations – available on Purple Trail
  7. French tarts – see the recipe at My Girl Friends Best Recipes
  8. Madeleines – see the recipe at The Tasting Table


  1. Beautiful all our Mothers deserve pampering and the royal treatment!

    • Definitely! Mom deserves the best!

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