Sweet 16 Asian Party Favor Ideas: Unique and Pretty!

Asian themed sweet 16 favors

Turning 16? Why not make your celebration an Asian-themed affair that promises to be fun for all! Create a setting that showcases distinctive artistic touches from the Orient. Plan a party menu that’s a fun “East meets West” spread of your favorite dishes, desserts, and drinks. And of course, end the evening by thanking your guests with charming favors in keeping with the party theme.

Need some ideas on Sweet 16 party favors inspired by Asia? Read on!

Fortune Cookie Favors & Other Treats

Fortune cookie sweet 16 favors
Who doesn’t love a quaint fortune cookie? Fill heart-shaped favor boxes with these and other Asian sweet treats, and bundle them up in a rainbow of colorful organza wraps!

Order traditional Chinese fortune cookies to give as fun party favors—and thrill the birthday girl and her guests by having them personalized!

Asian-themed Favor Ideas for a Sweet 16 Party

  • Present these in sinamay woven boxes in a pretty heart shape, then encase each box in a vividly colored organza wrap (see above).
  • For a truly striking favor display, stack these favors up in towering piles in large celadon bowls. Or you may improvise and use a large glass, ceramic, or wooden salad bowl.

Other scrumptious Asian goodies to fill the favor boxes with:

Chocolates in silver baskets for a sweet 16

  • your favorite treats in silver favor baskets (see above)
  • Chinese almond cookies that you’ve baked for the occasion or purchased at the Asian section of your favorite grocery store
  • frosted sugar cookies in the shape of little pagodas, Chinese take-out boxes, or pandas (don’t worry, you can ask a custom cookie baker to bake some up for you!)
  • sesame cookies or the cake-like baked nan giao
  • a pack of spiced nuts made with walnuts, sugar, orange juice, and five-spice powder
  • colorfully wrapped Japanese candies—look for these at Oriental or Japanese groceries

Sweet Sets of Saké Cups with Wagashi

Sake cups with wagashi for sweet 16 favors
Surprise each party guest with her very own set of Japanese saké cups. Pretty up the presentation with gold gift boxes lined with pink crinkle paper, and multi-colored crystal candies as fillings.

Japanese rice wine or saké is traditionally served in sets of miniature ceramic cups, decorated with delicate brushwork designs. Young girls would be delighted to receive a set each as party favors—perfect as cute holders for their rings, earrings, and other trinkets back home.

To package these saké sets in style:

  • Enclose them in gold gift boxes for a hint of glam.
  • Line the boxes with crinkle paper for protection and to match the party palette.
  • Fill each cup with colorful Japanese crystal candies and they’re ready to give!
  • For alternative packaging, you could bundle up each box in furoshiki-style wrapping or present the sets of 4 cups themselves in more of those luxurious organza wraps.

Gold Frames with Origami

Origami sweet 16 favors
Use classic gold picture frames as place card holders at the party, adorned with sprigs of fabric cherry blossoms. Then, send these home with the guests as lovely party mementos.

What young lady wouldn’t love a classic gold frame to display the gang’s photos in? Start these off at the party as elegant place card holders lying atop each place setting. Then, as the party comes to a close, the celebrant may announce that these frames are the guests’ to keep—along with a promise to email each guest digital pics to display in them!

Other stylish presentation ideas for these gold frames:

  • Display them all together on a special favor presentation table, adorned with pretty ribbons in the colors of the party palette.
  • Slip a mini watercolor artwork into each one, in the style of Japanese or Chinese brush paintings.
  • Have the celebrant handwrite a little thank you note for each guest and tuck that into the frame, along with a faux cherry blossom or two as a dainty accent.

Sushi Mat Favor Rolls

Talk about charming Asian packaging! Sushi mats—yes, those mats of slender bamboo sticks that magically turn out such pretty sushi rolls—can be used to present treats as party favors.

  • Lay the mats flat and position treats like Japanese wagashi (traditional sweets) or mixed nuts in a cello bag along one short end of the mat.
  • Starting from that end, roll the mat up till you reach the other end.
  • Tie the roll securely with a strip of palm leaf, some raw twine, or a gold cord.

For whimsical favor tags, attach paper cutouts in the shape of Japanese slippers, little fans, or cherry blossoms.

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