Baby Shower Candy Apples Favors

Candy apple treats wrapping

The candy apple has always been a childhood treat! It is said to have been invented
by William W. Kolb, a candy maker from Newark, New Jersey. Candy apples are basically
apples that are coated with a melted sugar. But they can also be coated with crushed nuts,
M&M’s®, chocolate chips, and basically anything you can conceive. They are easy to make
at any time of the year and can even be made in a color to match your party’s theme using
food coloring. Give them as baby shower favors for a real treat!

Wrap Your Candy Apples in a Stylish Way

We’ve come up with a simple DIY to show you how to wrap these treats as party favors. To purchase these wraps, go hereMix and match colors to create an attractive presentation. Select pink and aqua for a wonderful gender reveal party favor!

Candy apple treats


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