Sweet 15 Princess Jasmine Favor Ideas: Glam Packaging!

Glam Favor Ideas for a "Princess Jasmine" Quinceañera

The big day is coming up—the 15th birthday of the young lady in your family! All preparations are underway for the
grand Quince Años or Quinceañera celebration. You’ve reserved the venue, hired the decorators, tasted the catered
menu, rehearsed the group waltz, ordered the special cake, had the final fitting of the celebrant’s ball gown, checked
the RSVPs. What’s left to do? Why, package the guest favors, of course!

Glam Favor Ideas for a Princess Jasmine Quinceañera

For a Quinceañera with an exotic “Princess Jasmine” theme, the favor packaging options are particularly fun. Bold,
jewel-toned colors are in order, as well as lots of sparkle, glitter, and ornate touches. And since the birthday girl is
now a young lady, here are some ideas for how she can thank her guests with grownup gifts truly befitting a princess!
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Sweet 15 "Princess Jasmine" Quinceañera Favor Ideas

#1 Idea: Picture Frames for Special Memories

Favor idea: Since teenage girls are mad about photos—especially of their special gang of friends—picture frames (via Amazon) are ideal favors! But not just any picture frames. Select elegant ones with beaded borders and a gleaming gold finish.

Princess-style presentation: Pick up the opulent hues of the Princess Jasmine theme and bring them to the favor packaging. We suggest to fill the frame with glistening fuchsia sequins and tied it with a deep purple satin bow.

How to personalize: Attach a glittery favor tag saying, “Our faces here! Thank you for making this moment so special!” Then, promise to enclose a memorable photo from the Quince Años party in the thank-you card to each guest. Hint: In this digital age, you may also opt to email the photo files to the guests for them to print and tuck into the frame.

#2 Silver Baskets Filled with Treats

Favor idea: Bring on the bling with glistening silver baskets filled with Middle East-inspired goodies. The baskets themselves would make precious Quince Años mementos that the teen guests can also use as trinket holders.

Princess-style presentation: For some “in theme” filling ideas for these baskets, consider candied ginger, date bars, or almond cookies. Or if these seem too exotic, you could opt for crystal candies in gem-like colors—like some treasure from Aladdin’s trove!

How to personalize: Create rococo-style thank you tags from gold card stock—the fancier the better. Inscribe each with a simple “thank you” in a graceful font, and glue on a faux gemstone or two for even more glitz.

#3 Idea: Mementos of the “15 Candles”

Favor idea: One of the many Quinceañera traditions is the “15 Candles” ceremony. Here, the celebrant presents a candle to each of the 15 most influential people in her growing up years. As a memento of this touching ritual—and to express how special all her guests are, too—lovely embossed pillar candles can be given as favors.

Princess-like presentation: At the party, present these candles encased in elegant aqua-colored organza wraps—with matching pearl encrusted candle plates underneath each one. They make such a pretty sight!

How to personalize: Use the organza wraps’ ribbons to tie on a sweet note from the birthday girl to each recipient. It would be lovely if she could write each card in her own handwriting, and mention a special bond, memory, or quality that she thanks that person for.

#4 Glittery Boxes with a Glamorous Air

Favor idea: This is a Princess Jasmine theme after all! So party favors that speak of glamour are just the thing. Give these glittery gold favor boxes that are just perfect for your guest’s place settings.

Princess-style presentation: Have each favor box hold decadent treats, like gold-wrapped chocolate truffles or Hershey’s Kisses. By coincidence, the Kisses happen to have a minaret-like shape—perfect for the theme! Then, at the party, present these favor box on an ornate stand or a tiered rack for a truly stunning display.

How to personalize: Prepare paper strips with the celebrant’s name and the date of her Quinceañera. Edge these with gold glitter and curl the ends for a graceful scroll effect. Tuck one into each of the favors along with the sweet treats, or string them through gold cord looped around each box.

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