Yummy Baby Shower Cookie Favor Ideas

Yummy Baby Shower Favor Ideas with Cookies

Bake something special for a baby shower and one lucky mother-to-be! From butter cookies to chocolate-covered pretzels, we present you with 10 wonderful cookie ideas that are sure to be a hit. Present these baby shower cookies in something inspirational as we show you how to package them up in the prettiest cookie favor bags and boxes.

Baby Shower Cookies in Pretty Favor Bags and Boxes

What’s your favorite cookie? Take your pick from these scrumptious ideas.

Present your favorite cookies in a pink box!

Present your favorite cookies in a pink box:

  1. Vanilla butter cookies
  2. Macarons
  3. Chocolate pretzels
  4. Fortune cookies
  5. Meringues

6. Put lemon crème cookies in a sheer organza bag with an ivy motif. >> VIEW ITEM.


7. Place iced heart-shaped cookies in a sheer organza bag with a lavender motif. >> VIEW ITEM.


8. Create a personalized cookie and present it a bag in a sheer organza bag with a rose motif. This pretty cookie doubles up as an escort card. >> VIEW ITEM.


9. Bake powered sugar cookies and place them in purple heart-shaped cookie favor boxes. >> VIEW ITEM.


10. Present simple vanilla cookies in a mini purse tulle favor bag. >> VIEW ITEM.


Tips for Packaging Baby Shower Cookies

  1. Remember to keep cookies fresh by letting them cool down first before placing them in the appropriate container.
  2. Use food-safe tissue to keep cookies from staining your packaging.
  3. Personalize your cookies as a fun way to present something memorable.
  4. Create cookies based on the theme of your baby shower.
  5. Have a cookie favor table so guests can pick and choose their favorite cookies to take home.

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