Asian BBQ Skewer Recipes: Flavorful Choices for Summer Grillin’ Party

Asian BBQ Party Recipes

Oh, to enjoy the great outdoors this summer! Even if "great" may have to be a bit more modest for now—like your backyard? Sure! Your backyard will do just fine for those must-have sunny weather events that are all about food and grillin’. Think burger grill-fest, backyard BBQ, Hawaiian cookout, or surf n’ turf picnic. Got you summer dreamin’?

Well, then, allow us to kick off our newest series on Asian-inspired backyard BBQ parties! We did give you a sampling of Asian flavors in our posts on Japanese hibachi recipes and Korean-fusion recipes for outdoor grilling. But now we’re covering more taste territory with these mouthwatering Asian BBQ skewer recipes from 7 countries! Get ready to fire up that grill!

Delicious Grilling Recipes on Skewers from Around Asia

There are common ingredients across these 7 Asian-origin skewer dish recipes. But each has unique elements that give you a peek of its home country.

Asian BBQ Skewer Recipes for a An Asian BBQ Party

1 – Filipino Pork Barbecue – Never absent from a family gathering or town fiesta, the Philippine take on pork barbecue is marinated overnight in soy sauce, calamansi (the local lime), ketchup, and brown sugar. So it ends up salty, sour and sweet. (recipe from Salu Salo Recipes)

2 – Thai BBQ Duck Kabobs – Asian flavors courtesy of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and rice vinegar—with the added kick of Thai favorite minced chilies—produce tasty cubes of duck to intersperse with bell peppers, green onions, and zucchini slices on skewers for grilling. (recipe from Maple Leaf Farms)

3 – West Indian Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs – A fascinating infusion of flavors from a marinade that includes allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg paired with molasses, brown sugar and orange. Minced hot pepper adds the traditional zing, if desired. (recipe from Chicken Ca.)

4 – Japanese Hibachi BBQ Pork Sticks – With ingredients like wasabi paste, sushi seasoning, seaweed seasoning, and sesame seeds, and cooked on a hibachi griddle plate, you know you’re in for pork BBQ with Japanese flair. (recipe from Australian Pork)

5 – Korean-style Grilled Beef Skewers – Definitely Korean, these sirloin-skewers are pan-grilled till the edges are charred, then served with kimchi and fresh basil leaves on the side, along with a zesty dipping sauce and lettuce. (recipe from Marion’s Kitchen)

6 – Vietnamese BBQ Chicken Skewers in Lemongrass Marinade – Marinated overnight in a mixture of minced lemongrass, paprika, garlic powder, Five Spice powder, oyster sauce, honey, fish sauce, and sesame oil, then grilled till caramelized, this Vietnamese street food staple is an intriguing must-try. (recipe from La Vie Partagée)

7 – Malaysian Chicken Satay – Lemongrass, palm sugar, and a combo of spices infuse this Malaysian favorite with its basic flavors. Then, it’s that charred finish and distinctive peanut sauce that make it a winner every time! (recipe from Great British Chefs)

Goodness! Can we invite ourselves over to your Asian-inspired backyard BBQ? Wait till you see our upcoming posts in this series!

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