How to Serve Food at a Pool Party: Floating Trays to Buy or Make

How to Serve Food at a Pool Party

Are you planning to host a few pool parties this summer? Can’t think of a better way to enjoy the sunny weather while keeping cool with some water fun! And once you and your party guests are in that pool, why come out to eat and drink? Serve the refreshments right within reach, with the help of floating pool trays.

You can opt to order some pretty fancy ones online, complete with molded compartments and holders for snacks, fruits, and bottled or canned beverages. Or you can assemble DIY ones using clever flotation hacks. Either way, your pool party guests will love the handy floating food-and-drink islands! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Floating Pool Bars and Trays You Can Buy

Thanks to Amazon, you can take your pick of ready-made floating bars and trays. Choose by size, by themed look, by material, inflatable or floatable foam material.

Floating Pool Bars and Trays You Can Buy

1 – Polar Whale Extra Large Round Floating Bar Table Serving Tray and Drink Holder – This one lets you load in a bed of ice to keep everything frosty.

2 – Inflatable Unicorn Floating Serving Bar – Adds a playful touch, perfect for a family pool party with kids.

3 – Vickea Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder – The little ones will love this whimsical one, too.

4 – Floating Serving Tray/Bar Round – Go exotic with this basket-style bar, handwoven in Bali out of synthetic rattan.

5 – Polar Whale Floating Refreshment Tray – A sporty look in black and red foam.

DIY Floating Pool Trays To Make

These DIY floating pool trays we found are smaller than store-bought floating bars. So how cool would it be to have solo floating pool trays? One per party guest or per couple!

DIY floating pool trays

Combining ready-made elements and basic flotation supplies, see how you can assemble your own pool party serving trays in just minutes! Click on each link to see how.

The easiest hack is to build upon an existing tray. This round pool tray from Homeology (1), for instance, uses a pool noodle glued around the rim of a melamine or plastic tray. This simple, handled tray from Peonies and Fried Chicken (2) has pool noodles glued to the bottom with silicone waterproof sealant. So does this pretty floral tray by Dukes & Duchesses (3) which would be perfect for a tropical pool party theme.

Needing a little more assembly are a floating basket tray from My Curly Adventures (4) inspired by a traditional Balinese floating breakfast tray and a raft-like floating tray found on The Merry Thought (5) with wood strips glued onto a foam sheet, and this

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