Have a Splash with a Water Balloon Birthday Party: Inspiration + Product Picks

Beat the summer heat in the funnest way possible! Host a water balloon-themed birthday party where all that kiddie energy can be worked out while getting a cool soaking, too! If you’ve got a pool, you could incorporate this theme into a pool party or swimming party. But a garden venue will do fine, so all the splashes and spills will be outdoors. Ready for some decorating, food, and favor ideas? Here we go! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Water Balloon Party Decorating & Food Ideas

Balloons by themselves already say “party!” But fill them with water and you’ve got a sure-hit summer celebration. Here are ideas for decorating with balloons, planning water balloon activities, and serving party treats. If you don’t have a swimming pool, water balloons are a great option for getting relief from the summer heart, while still having tons of fun with the kids.

Water Balloon Party Decorating & Food Ideas

Toss the water balloon theme out to your guests with a “splashy” birthday party invitation (1) that’s sure to get them excited.

Then, welcome them on party day with a colorful DIY balloon wreath and the most festive table settings decorated with balloons (2) from the tablecloth, paper plates, and party hats to actual mini balloons scattered on the tabletop. And of course, an adorable sprinkle birthday cake (3) topped with – what else? – more mini balloons on sticks!

For the party food, keep it simple and kid-friendly (they’ll be too excited about the outdoor fun anyway). We suggest Taco Pizzas (4) that will at least get some fresh veggies in there! And for a filling but not-too-sweet dessert, check out these Pancake Cones (5) that you can fill with yogurt, fresh fruit, and cereal – and wrap with parchment to help minimize the mess. Both are neat food ideas for a backyard bbq or summer cookout, too.

Now, for the much awaited party games! With water balloons as the focus, you’ll have maximum enjoyment for minimal effort and expense.

Take water balloon piñatas (6), for instance. Just fill an assortment of balloons with water and about 4 or 5 small plastic toys, if you wish. Suspend the balloons from a taut rope strung between 2 trees or outdoor posts, and have the kids take turns swinging at them with a plastic bat.

Easier still, simply lay the filled balloons on the lawn (7) or in a large bin or bucket – and use them to aim at a target that you set up, to hold a “guess how many balloons?” game, or to burst one by one to see which balloon holds a special treat!

The prizes for all that water balloon fun? Maybe a few little toys and some candy – and the thrill of getting wet without getting scolded!


1 – invitation (*affiliate link from Purple Trail) / 2 – Michelle Paige / 3 – Ask Anna / 4 – Hormel / 5 – Kix Cereal / 6 – Walmart / 7 – The Happier Homemaker

Party Favor Buckets and Fillings Ideas

In keeping with the theme, put together party favors that are colorful plastic pails holding water fun gifts and goodies. And as usual, we’ve done some “in bulk” pre-shopping for you!

Party Favor Buckets and Fillings Ideas for a Water Balloon Party

1 –9” Beach Pails & Shovels Set (6 pack) – Sold by Kids To discover and Fulfilled by Amazon.

2 – Water Blaster Water Gun (24 pack) – Sold by WEB BUY and Fulfilled by Amazon.

3 – Emoji Universe Inflatable Beach Balls (12 pack) – Sold by SalusLtd and Fulfilled by Amazon.

4 – The Awristocrat Multi-Pack Wristbands (1 dozen) – Sold by TheAwristocrat and Fulfilled by Amazon.

5 – Neon Shutter Shades, Kids Sunglasses (12 pack) – Sold by Wowzzer and Fulfilled by Amazon.

6 – Airheads Bars, Chewy Fruit Candy


This water balloon theme has got to be one of the easiest and most fun ways to mark a summer birthday, don’t you agree?

This post contains affiliate links and Bellenza, Inc. will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the affiliate links. You can find our disclosure statement here.

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