How to Plan a Crawfish Boil for a Father’s Day Cookout

If there are gatherings that heartily celebrate family, friends and great food, a Crawfish Boil has got to be near the top of that list. So, for Father’s Day this year, throw Dad a truly sumptuous surprise with a traditional Louisiana-style Cajun cookout of crawfish with all the fixins!

Even if you don’t live in the South, you can recreate that exuberant experience with these outdoor party ideas – from fun invitations to mouthwatering crawfish boil dishes, sides, and drinks to decor and favors. We don’t think Dad will mind that most of the attention will be on the feast. He’ll be enjoying it too much himself! (*this post contain affiliate links)

Crawfish Boil Invitations to Whet the Appetite!

The occasion may be for Father’s Day, but get your guests ready to binge with invites that showcase the Cajun feast that awaits.

crawfish boil for fathers day invitations

1 – Crawfish Boil Party Invitation Card – by Art By Ladyann, via Zazzle

2 – Crawfish or Low Country Boil Invitation – by VivaLaLovely, via Zazzle

3 – Crawfish Boil Invitations – by Western Invitations, via Zazzle

4 – Crawfish Boil Invitation – by Pretty Pixels, via Zazzle

Crawfish Boil “Food, Glorious Food”!

Nothing says “dig in!” like a tabletop piled high with freshly boiled crawfish, corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage links, mushrooms, and more – all laid out on sheets of newspaper. Get the recipes for those, plus sides and desserts.

Crawfish boil party

The star of the spread is, of course, the Cajun crawfish boil (1) just bursting with seasonings. And with all those vivid colors, you’ve got a stunning table centerpiece right there!

The traditional side dishes are just as beloved down South. Consider a saucy dish, like this Crawfish and Rice (2) or this Crawfish Boil Potato Salad (3) made with red potatoes and tidbits of the sausage, corn, and spices found in the main dish. You can also serve up some delicious catfish cakes with lemon caper sauce (4) as appetizers!

Such a flavorful feast calls for a selection of thirst-quenching drinks. Different kinds of beer that pair perfectly with Cajun cuisine (6) would certainly meet Dad’s approval! Then, have a beverage station offering up traditional Southern sweet iced tea as well as fruit sodas, lemonade, and fruit-infused water.

Finally, how can a Southern tradition like a crawfish boil not end with a pecan dessert? Mini Air-fried Pecan Pies (5), to be precise, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Perfect!

Credits: 1- Spiced Blog / 2 – Cajun / 3 – Louisiana Cookin’ / 4 –  US Catfish / 5 – Emeril’s / 6 – Addison Magazine

Crawfish Boil Table Decorations and More!

As if anyone will mistake this for something other than a crawfish boil, with that scrumptious spread above. But play it up in the party decorations and take-home favors just the same!

Crawfish boil decor and beverage ideas

String a festive crawfish garland (1) above the entry gate, along the walkway to the party area, or from tree to tree in the garden venue. Complement this with DIY paper fans made from crawfish newspaper (2) creating a backdrop for the food buffet table or drinks station.

The table settings (3) should be an exciting showcase for the food as well. Set out vibrantly colored table coverings (underneath the newspaper liners), plates, and glassware. Red is the traditional crawfish boil color, but see how blue pops, too!

We’ve mentioned the all-important beverage station (4) for a gathering like this. Make it pretty as well, using a vintage garden bar cart displaying quaint containers like a colored juice or water dispenser, mason jars, milk bottles, and striped straws. To double as party favors, too, the beer, soda, or juice bottles can be customized with Father’s Day Crawfish Boil labels.

Finally, Dad deserves a Father’s Day cake like no other: a crawfish boil-themed cake (5) topped with – believe it or not – molded chocolate crawfish!

Don’t forget the plastic crawfish boil bibs available in bulk sets on Amazon, depending on the number of expected guests. As a favor idea, you can buy an excess number of bibs so you can have Dad personalize a “thank you” for each guest as they leave the party.

Credits: 1 – Far Flung Youngs, via The Celebration Society / 2 – Mardi Gras Outlet / 3 – This Vivacious Life / 4 – Three Pixie Lane / 5 – Nina Maria Charles

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