Surf and Turf Party Recipes with a Tropical Flair for Summer Entertaining

Surf and Turf Party Recipe Ideas

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re on a "tropical roll" with our recent posts! Looking ahead to outdoor summer fun, we’ve shared ideas for planning a luau-themed housewarming party, decorating a DIY tropical chair, and even setting up a tropical bar in your backyard. Mustn’t forget the food ideas to go with all these, right?

So here we are with a mouth-watering selection of surf and turf recipes—featuring the sun-kissed flavors and freshest seafood and fruits of the tropics! (Be sure to check out a lot more summer cookout recipes at the end of this post, too.) Get ready to dig in and dive into some of the most finger-lickin’ good menu choices for a Surf and Turf Party this summer!

Tropics-inspired Recipes for Summer Outdoor Entertaining

Surf and Turf Party Recipes with a Tropical  Flair

1 – Teriyaki Surf n’ Turf with Salsa – From Kikkoman, here’s a steak and shrimp duo flavored with their teriyaki marinade, then paired with a zesty side of watermelon, cucumber, onion, sweet corn, and chili.

2 – Tropical Surf & Turf on toothpicks – My Food and Family offers this easy appetizer recipe of sea scallops and pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon strips, then broiled.

3 – Hawaiian Island Style Fried Rice – Stir up a wok-ful of this recipe from Savory Spicerack that uses cooked rice tossed with any leftovers in your fridge (like ham or bacon)—plus sesame oil, oyster sauce, a little fish oil, and ginger for that taste of the tropics.

4 – Surf and Turf Tacos with Carne Asada and Spicy Shrimp – Here’s a Mexican spin from Hispanic Kitchen serving grilled slices of chuck roast and large shrimp, tucked into corn tortillas with super-flavorful taco garnishes and spicy salsa.

5 – Surf and Turf Sliders with Jalapeño Aioli – Ground chuck patties, shrimp flavored with creole seasoning, sliced cheese, pickles, and slider buns pile up the goodness with a lot of kick, in this recipe from Kenneth Temple.

6 – Hawaiian Surf N’ Turf Kabobs – These sirloin cubes and jumbo prawns on skewers are handy for serving, and a great way to add in summer veggies and pineapple chunks. Thanks to Kroll’s Korner for the recipe.

7 – Aloha Teriyaki Shrimp Burgers – Skinnytaste presents these tempting grilled shrimp patties and pineapple slices drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce, then served in toasty buns (or on a bed of lettuce for lower carbs).

8 – Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Bowls – A fun way to play up the tropical vibe by serving this Trader Joe’s recipe of glazed saucy chicken breast cubes and fluffy rice in fresh pineapple halves!

Got your appetite going for even more seafood and tropical recipes for a summer cookout? Click away!

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