DIY Decorating Ideas for a Backyard Tiki Bar Hut

Does the promise of summer make you think of fancy, exotic cocktails sipped by a pool? Then, maybe it’s time to assemble your own backyard tiki bar to do just that! Inspired by the colorful Polynesian culture, you can have a blast decorating it with tropical elements—from a thatched roof to tiki masks to hanging hurricane lanterns to a kitschy surfboard sign—and of course cocktail mixing and serving tools to match. Read on for some pretty cool tiki bar inspiration and decorating finds you can buy!

Tiki Bar Ideas for Decorating Your Own!

You can opt to build your own backyard tiki bar from scratch, using one of many DIY tutorials available online. Or you can simply dress up an existing outdoor bar, counter or hut “Polynesian style” with inspiration from these creative examples we found. We love how each one has a decorating approach and character of its own!

Decorating Ideas for a Backyard Tiki Bar

You can take a simple outdoor bar (1) and dress it up with vintage license plates, street signs and the like, cover the roof with raffia strips, and hang colored string lights. Or perhaps you’re going for a more seafaring look (2)—weathered wood and recycled shutters, rusty copper lanterns, and assorted signs.

For a poolside bar (4), you can leave it clean and uncluttered with a full thatched roof and pine or bamboo panelling, and simple wooden stools and outdoor bar stools gathered around. A shingle-sided counter (5) is a nice option, too, creating a laid-back vibe with a tiki bar sign, farmhouse-style chairs, vintage bar paraphernalia, hurricane lanterns, and even a paddle oar.

For a different Asian-inspired look (3), you could simply have a thatched wooden canopy over a wood-panelled counter, graceful colonial-style bar stools and lush greenery in terra cotta pots.

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Our Product Picks to Decorate Your Own Tiki Bar

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4 – Hand Carved Hawaiian Tiki Style Masks (set of 5)

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8 – Talking Tables Fiesta Pineapple Canape Sticks (12 pack)

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