Host a Sun-sational Tiki Birthday Party for Grownups!

For summer birthday party themes for a grownup crowd, a luau is a classic favorite. So are a Hawaiian cookout, a Caribbean-inspired event, or a Jamaican outdoor gathering. But have you considered a Tiki-themed birthday bash? It’s an ideal motif for a sunny outdoor party venue. You could recreate the ambiance of a tiki bar hut in your backyard with our suggestions for decorations, plus a tropical party menu, fun activities, and even casual summer party attire for guests! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Tiki-themed Invitations to Set the Party Mood

It all starts with the right invitation! Get your guests intrigued with the unique theme by choosing eye-catching invites like these. Be sure to send you invitations out sometime in the spring as many people will be in the process of planning summer trips!

Tiki themed party invitations

1 – Blue Retro Pattern Tiki Party Invite – from Purple Trail
2 – Hawaiian Tiki Time Invitations – from Invitation House
3 – Tropical Luau Tiki Party Invitations – from Zazzle
4 – Tiki Birthday Party Invitation – from Zazzle
5 – Tiki Time Party Invitation – from Zazzle
6 – Amscan Tiki Party Invitation Cards – from Amazon

Tiki Party Menu Ideas: Appetizers, Drinks, Desserts

A highlight of your gathering is sure to be the tropical-style food and beverages. Take inspiration from these recipes, products, and treats your guests are sure to enjoy!

Tiki birthday party food with Polynesian flavors

From our own tropical party set, here is how an appetizer display (1 – from Bellenza) with a faux or fresh pineapple “centerpiece” can be a fun way to play up the theme! If you have a tiki bar, be sure to check out these appetizers! Then, for main dishes, serve Sweet Pineapple BBQ Chili Cheeseburger Sliders (2 – from King’s Hawaiian) and Pineapple Orange Chicken (3 – from Dole).

Desserts should be in-theme, too! Like Mrs. Lilien’s Luau Cake (4 – from My Recipes) that features macadamia nuts, toasted coconut flakes, and dried pineapple; and refreshing fresh fruit cups (6 – from Bellenza) served chilled. Or perhaps piña colada-inspired summer treats, too.

For party drinks, along with tropical fruit juices, Hawaiian punch, and fruit-infused water, sneak in Zombie punch (5 – from Beachbum Berry) served in tiki tumblers!

Tiki Party Venue Decor + Table Elements

Create that balmy island vibe at your venue with even a few decorative accents. Plus dress up your tables in Polynesian style with well-chosen table elements.

Tiki themed party decorations

Think lush tropical paradise! Choose a garden venue filled with greenery. Then add beach touches like potted palms or ferns, orchids, and hanging lanterns in the trees. A decorative tiki-themed surfboard sign (4 – from Amazon) would make a cool add-on, while of course bamboo tiki torches (5 – from Amazon) are a must for that authentic ambiance.

For the guest tables, bring in exotic elements like tropical leaf runners, bamboo rods, and seashell dishes (1 – exclusive from the Bellenza SHOP) serving as gorgeous tea light holders. While to mark each guest’s plate, set out pretty seashell place card holders (2 – exclusive from the Bellenza SHOP) that could be surprise party favors, too!

Finally, garlands of mini tiki lights (3 – from Amazon) are a fun way to perk up the food buffet or drinks bar, or even to string along the garden pathways.

Tropical Party Activities and Games

With a casual get-together like this one, be creative in planning how guests can all get in on the fun. Just keep within the tropical, Hawaiian, or beach motif—and enjoy!

Tiki birthday party activities

Organize hula dancing time, for instance, with a playlist of Hawaiian music you’ve recorded ahead of time and a selection of accessories on hand, like Ti Leaf Hula Skirts (1 – from Amazon), floral crowns, and leis.

For the ladies and gents alike, have a few hula h- oops (2 – from Amazon) ready for a friendly competition of “who can hula the longest”! Next, what would a party be without a tiki-inspired piñata (3 – from Amazon).

Prepare an assortment of tropical drinks accessories, like tiki tumblers, mini paper umbrellas, straws, beach-themed stirrers, pineapple slices, fresh flowers, seashells, and more. Then, announce that all guests must dress up their own tiki party drinks (4 – styled by Bellenza) and judge the best outcome themselves.

Or for something really simple, stage an impromptu contest of “who’s wearing the most authentic tiki-themed outfit”—from Hawaiian shirts (5 – from Rakuten Global Market) to maxi dresses to accessories like straw hats, leis, floral crowns, sandals, and sunglasses.

Finally, do the limbo as a fun test of everyone’s flexibility (6 – from Amazon). After all, this is a summer party with a Polynesian flair!

Tiki Party Attire for Both Guys and Gals

Speaking of “most authentic tiki-themed outfit,” what should guests wear to your summer party? Here are our picks for the ladies and the gents!

Attire for a Tiki birthday party

1 – Tropical Print High-Low Dress – from Vince Camuto, via Macy’s
2 – Men’s Hawaiian Shirt Tiki Cross Navy – via Amazon
3 – Women’s Wide Brim Straw Floppy Sun Hat – from Lanzom, via Amazon
4 – Zebra Wood Sunglasses with Green Mirror Polarized Lenses – from Woodies, via Amazon
5 – Tropical Hawaiian Leis & Leaves Party Favors with Headband – via Amazon
6 – Men’s Flip Flops Leather Sandals Summer Outdoor Beach Slippers – via Amazon
7 – Woven Raffia Tote Bag – from Amazon

With such a fun tiki-inspired theme, this is sure to be one sun-sational summer birthday party!

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