How to Create Chalkboard Wall Decor for Your Dining Room

Chalkboard Ideas for Dining Room and Kitchens

This is not exactly a new trend for today’s home. But chalkboard wall decor is such a charming concept that it’s become something of a classic. That’s right, in recent years, this old schoolroom staple has made its way into chic coffee shops, retro diners and ice cream parlors, even cozy farmhouse kitchens. So why not into your dining room, too?

Wait till you see our featured examples! From heartwarming to hip, they’re sure to get you excited to plan your own dining room chalkboard project—with help from our crafty product picks. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Dining Room Inspiration: Chalkboard Wall Decor

This is one sure way to add a warm, welcoming, personalized touch to your dining area. Plus, you can customize your chalkboard decor for the available space—from a framed piece mounted over a buffet to an entire floor-to-ceiling wall.

Dining Room Inspiration Chalkboard Decorations

Frame It! – For flexibility to move your chalkboard to different spots in your home, a framed version is great. Check out the lovely DIY example and tutorial (1) by A Hosting Home and the similarly stylish version (4) from The Organized Mama (with its own tutorial). You could go for the same rustic-industrial look as these, or finish the frame in any way you wish.

Partial Chalkboard Wall – Got a bare bit of wall to cover? Turn it into a chalkboard! See how BHG did it with the space above a wall wainscoting (3).

Full Chalkboard Wall – Now, if you’re willing to commit to an entire wall in your dining room, see the different chalkboard looks you can choose from! 

Country kitchen charm (2) from Craft-O-Maniac, with little shelves for bric-a-brac mounted on the chalkboard wall. A coffee shop vibe created with Graham & Brown Black and White Wallpaper (5), available at Macy’s. A hip urban-industrial look (6) from Grillo Designs (tutorial included), or as a backdrop for a china cabinet (7) as seen on Proverbs 31 Girl. 

Chalkboard Paints vs. Wallpaper

Okay, now to get that chalkboard wall done! But before you choose from our product picks below, consider these:

Pros & cons of chalkboard paint– Paints will give you a nice, smooth finish to write on; and a more authentic "chalkboard-y" effect. Plus they can be applied to whatever size of wall space—whether a narrow strip, an odd corner, or an entire floor to ceiling area. And they can be customized to the particular shade you have in mind. But paint does take more work to apply, and is permanent!

Pros & cons of adhesive chalkboard wallpaper– Adhesive paper is much less messy and time-consuming than paint, and is handy for covering just a small area. Also, it’s removable if you end up not liking the whole chalkboard look—or if you’re renting an apartment, so can’t do anything permanent. The only downside is how long the adhesive will stick on the wall.

1 – MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Chalkboard Paint

2 – Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On

3 – Ecos Paints Chalkboard Paint

4 – Krylon Chalkboard Paint Brush-On

5 – Premium WriteyBoard (Black Finish)

6 – Kassa Large Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll (chalks included) – available on Amazon

7 – Groovy Magnets Chalkboard Magnetic Wallpaper

8 – Chalknetic Magnetic Chalkboard Adhesive Contact Paper – available on Amazon

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