July 4th Car Parade Decorating Ideas: Drive Patriotic!

July 4th Car Parade Decorating Ideas

Rev this year’s Independence Day festivities into high gear, despite the stay-at-home safeguards. How? By taking your 4th of July celebration on the road, with your own personal parade! Deck out your car, van, or pickup in patriotic red, white, and blue—from balloons to banners to bunting. Then, drive around your neighborhood, honk your horn, maybe even hand out some homemade sweets and treats along the way. (Fun tip: You could make it a 4 or 5-car parade by planning ahead with your neighbors and going convoy style!)

Then, once back home, gather the family round a festive 4th of July table with DIY centerpieces and decorations you made together.

But first—let’s get that car decorated! (*this post contains affiliate links)

"Americana on Wheels": Inspiration for July 4th Parade Cars

Inspiration for July 4th Parade Cars

You’re in luck if you happen to have a vehicle that’s "in color" to begin with. A blue vintage Chevy pickup truck (1 – Pinterest) or a red and white VW combi van (2 – Coast Explore Magazine) give you the perfect background for your decorations.

And as you can see, you can go "all out Americana" with the trimmings! You could choose a ready-made Patriotic Truck Parade Kit (3) like this one from Stump’s Party, or this Easy Float Car Kit (4) from Victory Corp. (via Pinterest). 

Or get creative with your own DIY decorated parade car (5 – image from Town of Duck, North Carolina). And to do that, we found just the stuff you’ll need!

Our Picks: 4th of July Decorations for Your DIY Parade Car

A parade is basically a "party on the road." So we did our online shopping in the Amazon party decor section. Key words: 4th of July—and viola! Decorations to dress up your car in instant patriotic style!

Patriotic Car Decorating Supplies

  1. Tissue Festooning (red, white, blue)
  2. Patriotic Spray Chalk
  3. USA Stick American Handheld Mini Flag (25 Pack)
  4. Stars Hanging Ornaments Set
  5. 12” Red Blue White Confetti Balloons Kit (20 Pack)
  6. 7ft Plastic Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Tassel Garland
  7. Patriotic Bunting Banner (2 Pack)

Bonus ideas: 4th of July DIY decorations made from fabric scraps

July 4th Party Wreath

July 4th Tassel Banner

Start crafting these now while stuck at home!

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