July 4th DIY Fabric Scrap Tassel Banner: SEE & DO

We’re so excited to share this great DIY decorating how-to for your 4th of July celebrations: an easy fabric scrap tassel banner project! It’s so versatile, it will work perfectly for any other fun occasions, too. What’s more, you can make it with materials you most likely already have or can readily buy—plus it needs minimal to no crafting skills! Just the kind of decorating idea we all love, right? So, let’s get started.

How to Make Your Own Fabric Scrap Tassel Banner

Fabric scraps and ribbons in July 4th patterns and colors.

Step 1: Prepare the materials.

Materials you may already have:

– cotton fabric scraps in red, white and blue from old plaid shirts, chambray blouses, gingham pillow cases or dish rags, bandanas and the like

– denim scraps from old jeans, bags, and the like

In case you don’t have these fabric scraps, you may substitute with fabric by the yard (and keep any excess for future projects) or with patterned ribbons by the roll—available via the links below. Simply check for the colors and patterns in stock at the time you order.

Materials you may buy (Amazon *affiliate links):

  1. gingham fabric by the yard
  2. plaid fabric by the yard
  3. gingham ribbon by the roll
  4. striped blue grosgrain ribbon by the roll
  5. natural jute string

Step 2: Cut the fabric into strips.

A handcrafted look works best for this tassel decoration. So to achieve that ragged edge for the fabric strips, do this:

– With a pair of scissors, make snips in the edge of the fabric in 1” to 1 ½” intervals.

– Then, hand-tear the fabric beginning from that snip all the way to the opposite edge of the fabric.

– You may cut the strips to the desired length afterwards. The ideal length would be from 18” to 24” long.

Step 3: Attach the fabric strips on the jute string.

fabric strips on the jute string.

To do this easily:

  1. Tie the jute string across 2 points that are easily within reach as you attach the fabric strips.
  2. Knot each strip on the string at mid-point of the length of the strip.
  3. Alternate the different patterns and colors of fabric for an interesting effect.
  4. If you are using ribbons, too, intersperse them among the cloth strips.

Step 4: Position the finished tassel banner in the party venue.

July 4th tassel banner in the party venue.

Once the strips are in place on the jute string, transfer the finished banner to the party venue. Then, add further embellishments as shown below.

Step 5: Complete the festive 4th of July look.

July 4th lanterns in red, white, and blue.

To add to the festive air, hang paper lanterns in your choice of color combination. For a 4th of July party, mix and match red and white lanterns, with royal blue, aqua, teal or baby blue ones.

Where to buy these lanterns (Amazon *affiliate links):

  1. red
  2. aqua
  3. light blue
  4. white

You may also consider adding flags, centerpieces of red and white flowers in blue bottles, paper pinwheels, or miniature balloons on sticks (remember summertime is pretty windy!).

Other ways to use this DIY fabric scrap tassel banner

Chair decor fabric tassel fringe for July 4th party.

Finally, if you have excess fabric strips, use them as adorably doable chair decor (as shown above), a photobooth or dessert table backdrop, ties for your party cutlery, or as fun trimmings for your 4th of July party favors!

Easy, festive and so versatile for any party theme, this Fabric Tassel Scrap Banner is one DIY decoration you’ll use time and again. Let us know in the comments below what other occasion you plan to use it!

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