Fun 80s Party Outfits for a Girls Night In: Like Totally!

For a fun 80s throwback party with your BFFs, finding the right outfit shouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong! In fact, who still keeps their old mesh stockings, vinyl pumps, lace skirts, and neon print tops? If you do, then totally cool, but if you’ve tucked them away forever, then stick around for this post is for you.

Fun Party Outfits for a Throwback 80s Girls Night In Party

Get creative with your outfit! Look at styles from the 80s inspired by aerobics, cartoons like Jem and the Holograms, 80s pop stars like Madonna, 80s daytime soaps, and groupies! Our examples below just give you a glimpse of some of these 6 awesome themes.

Party Outfits for a Throwback 80s Girls Night In Party

  1. Soap Star via Amazon
  2. Aerobics’ Outfit via Amazon
  3. 80s Costume with Headband via Amazon
  4. Madonna-inspired Outfit via Modcloth
  5. Glam Girl via Amazon
  6. 80s Disco Chick via Amazon

Tips to Complete Your Outfit

Accessories, accessories, and accessories! That’s what made the 80s such a fun era. Consider fishnet gloves, faux pearl necklaces, headbands, 80s style sunglasses, and hoop earrings! Mismatched accessories were totally in so feel free to create your own outfit. Think neon animal prints, torn jeans, and novelty wigs. Check out flea markets and thrift stores for hard-to-find items like aerobics sneakers and neon dress shoes.

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