Easy Mexican-inspired Appetizer Recipes for a Mexican Fiesta!

Sipping margaritas in front of a mariachi band? Maybe it’s too early for that, but if you’re thinking of easy bite-sized food for a Cinco de Mayo party, then stick around for today’s post. With ingredients that you can readily buy or order online, these 12 Mexican-inspired appetizers aim to make planning a Mexican fiesta easier than ever!

12 Mexican-inspired Appetizer Recipes That You Can Easily Prepare

Chicken empanadas, quesadillas, and cheesy nachos are just a few of the recipe ideas that are featured below. By the time you’re done with this post, we hope your menu plan is closer to being complete! For complete recipe details, please be sure to click on the links below:

From Empanadas to Mini Tacos, Easy Mexican-inspired Appetizers.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Empanadas with Buffalo Wings Sauce via Betty Crocker
  2. Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas with Cuban Seasoning via Betty Crocker
  3. Mexican Street Corn Cups with Crescent Rounds via Pillsbury
  4. Southwest Nacho Casserole with Ingredients Like Taco Seasoning, Ground Beef, and Fat-free Re-fried Beans via Pillsbury
  5. Mini Tacos via Campell’s with Chunky Salsa
  6. Mini Fish Taco Boats™ via Old El Paso with Taco Boat Shells
  7. Southwest Zesty Margarita Shrimp via Old El Paso with Shrimps, Tequila, and Cilantro
  8. Tex Mex Appetizer Tart via Old El Paso Using Pie Crusts
  9. Mini Shredded Chicken Tostadas via Tostitos Using Tostitos, Tex‑Mex Cheese Blend, and Salsa
  10. Beer-Battered Jalapeño Bites via Betty Crocker
  11. Chorizo Queso Sliders via Land O’Lakes
  12. Mini Fillo Shells Taco Bar Using Athens Mini Fillo Shells via Athen’s Foods

Serving Tips and Ideas for Your Appetizers

Consider a set of colorful ceramic plates, wooden boards, long angular serving trays, or terracotta platters. Another idea is to set up a buffet table of appetizers with appetizer plates on the side. Include napkins and picks for easy self-serve elements. Place appetizer cards to represent each dish, which is helpful for guests. Go with disposable dinnerware for an easy clean-up option!

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