Planning a Virtual Friendsgiving: Easy Decor, Food & Drinks Ideas!

Planning a virtual Friendsgiving celebration

Thanksgiving this year is going to be a tough one. We will all have to take a collective breath and dig deep down for what we are grateful for in spite of it all. And on top of that gratitude list are definitely our family and dearest friends.

Of course, there’s nothing like being able to hug and chat and laugh and share a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal. But you can do the next best thing and reach out via a virtual Friendsgiving celebration! While the friendsgiving concept isn’t new, it lends itself easily to having an online gathering with your besties during times like these—aside from a separate one with the fam.

So to help you get into the gratitude mood, here’s some heartwarming (and tummy-filling) inspiration for planning your first Friendsgiving online! 

How to Share the Friendsgiving Love Online

Much like our inspiration for a virtual engagement cocktail party, you’ll need to do some pre-coordination with your guests. For example, choose a common decor theme, a chic tablescape look, fave recipes you’d like the rest to enjoy, and maybe game elements to have on hand.

Planning a Virtual Friendsgiving with Easy Ideas

Just to keep one thing "real," why not still send out actual Friendsgiving invitations (1) to your guests by mail? That will start off your virtual party plans on a fun note! 

That done, you can turn to decorating the area that will be visible on screen. Be practical and resourceful by arranging centerpieces from household items and garden elements. Maybe go for a crafty look using burlap or a bit of glam with touches of gold. And add some warm autumn glow with DIY candle accents.

On the party day itself, do justice to the occasion by dressing up in a special cocktail capelet dress (3) in a gorgeous fall color. Just the look for sipping a Candy Corn Martini (5) as your friends begin to "arrive" online, and raise their own martini glasses back home.

Now, for the virtual Thanksgiving meal! Share your selected recipes ahead or pre-order from a nearby caterer, so you all get to enjoy the same dishes, drinks, and desserts.

Our suggestions are a Kale and Roasted Squash Fall Salad (3) for starters, then a single portion of Turkey n’ Dressing (4) pre-ordered from Cracker Jack for each guest, with a side of homebaked Honey Cornbread (6). And of course for dessert, the Thanksgiving classic Pumpkin Pie (7).

For a virtual party activity, we found this clever Thank ‘Phone’ Ness Challenge printable (8) that lets you and your friends play a "Thanksgiving scavenger hunt" using your smartphones. And finally to wrap up the celebration, you can all share what you’ve put on the thankfulness trees you’ve each created. A meaningful way to remind yourselves that there is always, always something to be thankful for!


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