A Mad Hatter-themed Baby Shower by 3D Memoirs

See what a friendly comment on a blog post can do? It can lead to a feature like this one! When Elvira DeCuir of 3D Memoirs left a comment on our post last year showcasing Mad Hatter-themed bridal shower favors, she happened to mention her own baby shower with the same theme. So we paid a visit to her blog and we thought what a cute example this could be for others also planning a Mad Hatter-themed baby shower! Take a look at the charming details she, family members, and dear friends put together.

Details that are Doable! We Love it!

What we found so heartwarming about this gathering was how ‘real’ and ‘doable’ it was. All of the decorative elements Elvira either patiently collected along with her sister or else DIYed herself. So at least the rest of us at-home party planners can take heart in knowing we can do the same!

Mad Hatter Baby Shower Inspiration With Colorful Decor, a Cake, and Ceiling Decor.

Note how the details that Elvira used to create the perfectly playful Mad Hatter vibe can easily be transported to a similar baby shower you may be planning:

  • a whole variety of unique and colorful teapots (no need to match things in a zany theme like this!) for guests to mix their own choice of tea
  • stacked teacups used as centerpieces, topped with flowers, playing cards, and confetti
  • favor boxes labelled “Eat Me” for chocolate lollipops and “Drink Me” for personalized tea bags
  • a customized Mad Hatter-themed baby shower cake from For the Love of Sugar with a cutely kooky design
  • an antique style tabletop clock hinting at the White Rabbit who was “late for a very important date
  • whimsical themed invitations (seen in the original post) specially designed by Elvira’s friend Marsinah of Blushing Pearl

Now doesn’t all that get you excited to plan a similar bash? It certainly looks like a fun, personal, and definitely doable way to bring a theme to life!

Thanks, Elvira, first of all for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment mentioning your Mad Hatter tea party. And of course, for the event planning and design services you offer at 3D Memoirs.

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