How to Repurpose Newspapers into Creative Gift Packaging

With Earth Day coming, it was only right to come up with a post dedicated to recycling newspapers, books, magazines, and old calendars into creative packaging for favors and gifts. So, rummage through your paper stash and see what packaging magic you can craft. These 6 fun ideas we found are sure to get you going!

See what you can make by recycling!

Creative ideas for newspaper packaging for gifts and favors.

1 – Book pages – This post we discovered on The Girl on the Go had several great variations of gift packaging with old book pages. This example used 6 pages stitched together to form one large sheet, then had a glitter tag punched with a circle punch and the gift recipient’s name on the reverse. Simple and eco-chic!

2 – ‘Dated’ wraps – We love this idea of using a calendar as a wrap—courtesy of Blah to TADA!—with a significant date marked! It could be the date of the occasion itself or one with particular significance for the party honoree. A great way to personalize your favors!

3 – Fancy DIY tags – Ordinary newspaper gets favor-fancy with cute little tags that you can make yourself. This example via Cantinho da Bebel shows kraft paper cards topped with layered cutouts of patterned paper, felt, fabric, and tiny pearls, then tied on with raffia. So cute!

4 – In stitches – Heavier paper, like from calendar or magazine pages, can get a really charming finish with stitching in a contrasting color! This idea we found via Katrinshine shows machine sewing, but you could certainly get a similar effect with hand stitching using embroidery floss or even yarn!

5 – ‘Foreign press’ wraps – Any newspaper pages would be fine. But if you can find newspaper pages in a foreign language, how extra-cool would your favor packaging be? Just happened to notice this in this image via A Beautiful Day. Plus of course the lace-style bands with what looks like tiny crystals added!

6 – Colored images and graphics – To simulate the look of gift wrappers, you can always select magazine pages, calendars, or maps that have colored images or graphics on them. Then, just tie on ribbons in complementary colors as shown via Green Horned Unicorn, and your favors are good to go!

Other ways that you can repurpose newspapers:

1) Turn them into paper flowers and use them as backdrops for a shower.

2) Find foreign newspapers and make them into placemats.

3) Take a specific section like the sports, entertainment, or finance pages and make them into a party tablecloth.

4) Use colored magazines to create welcome signs that play up a specific theme like fashion or food.

5) Craft table numbers using old calendars! Cut the needed numbers from a large wall calendar. Then have fun mixing and matching them, and mounting them on colored or kraft paper.

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