Magnifique! How to Host a French-inspired Mother’s Day Brunch

How to honor the most special woman in our lives? An intimate Mother’s Day brunch is always a popular choice! A few quiet hours of special bonding time, savored along with dishes and drinks so lovingly prepared. But why not add a slightly different flavor to the occasion this year? A bit of French flair perhaps? Don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off, as these tres chic tablesetting tips and menu ideas will show!

Table Decorations with a Touch of France

We did say French inspired! So you need not worry that you don’t own (or can’t find or buy) anything actually related to France. With a little imagination and resourcefulness, it’s pretty neat how you can create a French feel for your Mother’s Day table setting with a touch here and an accent there.

Mother's Day brunch decoration ideas with a French inspiration

A case in point. Our simple table for four above is set out on a sunny patio with a bold fuchsia and brown color palette. So what’s French about it? Just follow these easy styling elements:

  • the favor pouches embroidered with sprigs of lavender, a hint of Provence on each plate. Tucked into the pouches—your choice of lavender cookies, potpourri, or scented soaps, or French confections like macarons, mini beignets, meringues, or madeleines
  • floral centerpiece made of bright crepe paper and presented in a simple green glass pitcher.
  • crisp white plates set with brown table napkins, a yellow place card in the shape of daisy, and a bright and cheery fuchsia tablecloth.
  • the glasses awaiting servings of Mom’s favorite French wine!

Other decorative touches you may just happen to have at home:

  • empty French wine bottles or Evian bottles to serve as candlesticks
  • lace-edged place mats and dainty doilies
  • strands of pearls, a la Coco Chanel, to dress up the tabletop or chairs
  • tiny charms of the Eiffel Tower or French poodles to use as napkin accents or glass charms
  • vintage Parisian postcards
  • books of French poems
  • bottles of French cologne or perfume

And then, of course, there’s the food!

French Flavors for Your Brunch Menu

Again, the dishes and drinks you serve need not be authentic French cuisine. But when you see the selection we’ve got here (recipe in each link), you’ll see how some of our favorite breakfast/brunch ‘comfort foods’ owe their origins to France. In fact, we love them all—and are sure your mom will, too!

French brunch menu ideas from quiche to croissants to French toast

1 – Challah French toast with strawberries, from
2 – Chocolate butterscotch croissants, from Bakingdom
3 – Blue cheese and walnut quiche / Asparagus quiche, from Recipe Girl
4 – French eclairs, from Woman and Home
5 – Pistou deviled eggs with ratatouille, from
6 – Dusky caramel and raspberry crepe cake, from Poires au Chocolat

There you have it! Totally doable decor and a scrumptious brunch menu with a French flavor. Give Mom a Mother’s Day hug from us and a kiss on both cheeks, as they do in France!


  1. Beautiful everything is stunning and that food looks so delicious Moms around the world would love this

    • Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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