A Sunny Strawberry Theme for a Summertime Baby Shower!

Fresh strawberries = summer, right?! So if you’ve got an occasion as dear as a Baby Shower planned this sunny season, grab the reddest, juiciest berries you can find. Then follow our tips below for pulling together an occasion full of country charm and cheer! The fruit itself is so attractive, half your decorating is done just setting them out. Quick, easy, and affordable! Not to mention healthy for Mommy-to-be and her guests!

Tips for a Strawberry-themed Summer Baby Shower

Tips for a Strawberry-themed Summer Baby Shower!

Inspiration from these finds:

For your party tables, decorating with strawberries is such a breeze! The bright red berries make eye-catching centerpieces (1) piled into bowls or baskets, then trimmed with fresh green leaves.

Letting guests know about the sweet shower theme is just as easy. Simply find a strawberry-themed printable invitation (2) on the web, print out copies, and send them off!

Keep the baby shower menu light and fresh as well. A cheese-and-fruit station (3), featuring sliced strawberries, is a delish option served with an assortment of bread, rolls, and crackers.

As a double-purpose surprise, have pots of homemade strawberry jam along with the cheese and fruit. Then gift guests with mini jars of jam (4) to take home as favors, too!

A shower cake (5) made with layer upon layer of berries, cream, and chocolate would make such a pretty sight! While for a refreshing thirst-quencher, offer tangy pink strawberry lemonade (6) in country-style mason jars. Then, serve the cutest strawberry S’mores parfaits (7) for a sweet finish.

Our own ideas and tips:

  1. Centerpieces can also be made with whole berries on skewers, then placed in slender vases. Just add leafy sprigs to complete the ‘floral arrangement’ effect!
  2. Berries strung on baker’s twine or fishing line can be formed into cute napkin rings or used as mini bunting on top of the shower cake.
  3. Large whole berries can be notched and perched on the rims of party glasses or ice cream bowls as pretty garnish.
  4. Sliced strawberry ‘hearts’ would make darling decorations on cream-topped mini tarts or frosted cupcakes. Or floating in glasses of iced soda water!
  5. You could plan fun themed shower activities, like:
  • “Guess how many strawberries are in this jar/basket?” and win them all!
  • Each guest brings a favorite recipe using strawberries written out on a special card enclosed with the invite.
  • The guests create on-the-spot “nursery art prints” and felt strawberry mobiles for baby’s room.

Have other creative ideas for this delightful baby shower theme? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a comment below.

Image credits:

1 – Table setting – Chelsea Fuss on flickr, via The Sweetest Occasion

2 – Invitations – Wedding Girl etsy shop

3 – Cheese and fruit station – Eco Caters

4 – Strawberry jam favors – The TomKat Studio

5 – Naked chocolate-covered strawberry cake – Wilton

6 – Pink strawberry lemonade – Whole and Heavenly Oven

7 – White chocolate and strawberry S’mores parfaits – Mirabelle Creations

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