Amazing Ideas for a Space-themed Birthday Party! Blast Off!

Got a little birthday boy or girl who’s just ‘over the moon’ about outer space, rocket ships, and the planets? Well, you’re in luck because there are tons of amazing space-themed party ideas orbiting in cyberspace. And we’ve managed to grab a few that are down-to-earth enough to actually do! Are you ready, Mission Control (a.k.a. Mom and Dad)? Here’s how to totally thrill your birthday astronaut.

Mission Control Checklist for a Space-themed Party

Space Themed Kids Birthday Ideas from Decor to Favors

[  ] Snappy color palette

A space theme has that whole patriotic vibe about it. So any combination of blues (from navy to royal to aqua), red, and white or grey would make a great party palette. Plus these are all easy-to-find color choices for party ware and decorations—as you can see in the photos above.

Having metallics like silver in there for elements like rocket ships or space gadgets, or some cheery yellow for graphics like the sun, stars, and planets would also be party-perfect!

[  ] Themed costumes for the celebrant and guests

How cool would the party boy or girl feel all dressed up like a real astronaut (as in photo #8) or a space ranger? You could find outfits like these online, or perhaps at your local party supply shop. Or you could improvise with a padded vest with space symbols attached with tape or velcro.

For the guests, welcome them with fun accessories like planet patches, NASA-like badges or armbands, headbands with ‘radio receivers’ attached, maybe even googly-eyed alien masks!

[  ] Out-of-this-world cake and party treats

This is one area where you can really have a blast! The centerpiece can be a fabulous birthday cake decorated with rocket ships and the entire solar system (see photo #3). And you can home-bake or order space-themed cookies, alien cake pops (how cute are those in photo #9!), and cupcakes with themed toppers; then have a ‘Milky Way’ candy station or ‘Space Snow’ ice cream bar!

[  ] Space-worthy tableware and food/drinks display

Here, we have one major tip: use available party ware and printables! The array of space-themed designs out there is just too fantastic to pass up. And, as we all know, a coordinated kiddie party set and decorations pulls the entire look together. So take your pick—from plates, glasses, and cutlery (as in photo #4), to fun party signs (photo #1), drink labels (#6), and favor packaging (#7).

Of course if you’re particularly crafty, you can always toss in some DIY marvels like a clever beverage dispenser (photo #2 is an amazing example!), some constellation bunting, planet lanterns, or a space orbit welcome wreath.

[  ] Activities for astronauts-in-training

A party full of active youngsters means that games are a must! Get them super-excited with activities ranging from ‘bouncy ball planets’ (#5), to crafting a solar system model, to hunting down aliens, to launching your own paper rocket (photo #10). Again, there are dozens of creative space or astronaut game ideas on the web, some with free printables you can simply download and use!

If you can complete this handy list…check! check! check! then your ‘Mission: Space-themed Party’ is all-systems-go! Now for the countdown to lift off!

Image credits:

1 – space signs from Paper and Cake etsy shop
2 – R2D2 water dispenser by Homemade by Jill
3 – rocket ship birthday cake by Layered Bake Shop
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5 – ‘bouncy ball planets’ game, via One Charming Party
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10 – ‘rocket launch’ activity from I Will Invitations

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