Disco Dance Party for a Pre-teen Birthday: Planning Tips for Mom

Here’s your chance, Mom, to re-live your ‘disco queen’ days! Plan a cool dance party for your pre-teen’s birthday, using groovy decor inspiration from the ‘70s and ‘80s—but with a cutesy, whimsical spin. We had a blast digging up these fun ideas that other creative party moms and planners have come up with. So come take a look. You’re sure to be doing a few amazing moves of your own as you craft the decorations and favors, and whip up the party food and treats for your birthday girl’s Disco Dance Party!

Get into the Groove with Disco Theme Ideas

It’s throwback time, as you pull together a party look that mimics the ‘70s and the ‘80s with elements you can readily find today. Need some tips for doing this? We’re happy to help!

Fun ideas for a disco themed pre-teen birthday that includes a glitzy disco cake, dancing queen donuts, and glam treat bags for guests.

Start with a disco-esque color palette. For a pre-teen girl, this would probably include pink. Amp it up, though, to a hot shade of pink and pair it with striking turquoise. There are dozens of party supplies available in these popular colors. So you can easily set the basic palette by mixing and matching party ware, printables, and favor packaging in fuchsia and turquoise.

Add on the glitz and glitter. Now comes the fun part! To that basic palette, you simply add silver elements, like stars (2), metallic tassels (5), foil strips, and glitter glitter everywhere. And of course, you must have some version of that iconic dance era decoration, a mirrored disco ball!

Hint 1: For the sparkly touches, you can actually grab anything you already have at home or can find at a crafts or school supplies store. Then, just glitz them up with silver sequins, silver glitter, crystal beads, faux rhinestones, even Christmas tinsel.

Hint 2: For the disco ball, you have a couple of options. You may just happen to have those mini mirrored balls, like the one on top of the cake (1), that are used as Christmas tree ornaments. They look just like tiny disco ball replicas, so would be perfect for this party! Or you can simulate the mirror effect with crinkled up silver foil or (again) silver glitter completely covering small styrofoam balls.

Incorporate disco era graphics and expressions. Your pre-teener and her guests may not really get the references, but their moms surely will! So work some geometric graphics and ‘op art’ fonts into the party invites (4), the candy buffet signs (2, 3), the welcome sign, a party banner, and perhaps a guest book that’s made from cardboard replicas of vinyl records for guests to write or draw on.

And while you’re at it, include some ‘70s and ‘80s expressions (no cringing now!) like ‘groovy,’ ‘cool,’ ‘dance diva,’ ‘rock,’ ‘a-go-go,’ and…you get the idea!

Let the party menu rock, too. With a theme this fun, let your creativity extend to the food and drinks as well. Love the idea of ‘Dancing Queen donuts” and “rock candy”—and of course, a hot pink birthday cake with a disco ball topper! Get the drinks (7) into the color scheme, too, with the clever use of colored and/or patterned straws, drink bottle labels, and glittery stirrers.

And with the party ladies busy disco-dancing, simple finger foods would do just fine. Fun shaped personal pizzas (8), mini sandwiches, cocktail hotdogs and cheese cubes on toothpicks, bite-size fruits or fruit slices and wedges. For sweet treats, you can serve decorated cookies, cupcakes with disco fondant toppers, and ‘rock-y road’ ice cream!

An absolute must: disco music! You can easily download a playlist of ‘70s and ‘80s dance hits. Then, use these to jazz up the party games, and let the birthday girl and her fellow dance divas have a blast on the ‘disco floor’!

Want to get the moms in on the fun, too? Why not play a ‘Name that Disco Tune’ game, or hold a Disco Dance-off with mother and daughter pairs?

We’re sure you get the picture! So now, are you super-excited to plan a disco-themed birthday bash for your daughter (or secretly, for yourself)?

Image credits:
1 – cake, via Emma Townsend Cakes
2 – donuts, via The Party Wagon
3 – rock candy, via The Party Wagon
4 – invitation, via Pretty Girl Shop
5 – favor bags, by Wiley Valentine via On to Baby
6 – party drinks, via Planning With Kids
7 – mini pizza, via Primary Theme Park

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