Garden-inspired Gourmet Menu for a Sweet 16 Party from Kreavie

For a milestone occasion as special as a Sweet 16 birthday, a major concern is what menu to serve. Well, have we got a flavor and visual treat for you today! A garden-inspired buffet of gourmet-style goodies—from savory to sweet—courtesy of Montreal-based Kreavie. Definitely something beyond the usual party fare for teens, and presented so prettily to simulate a colorful, flower-filled garden!

Such a Scrumptious Menu for a Sweet 16 Party!

Gourmet Sweet 16 Menu with a Sophisticated Flair by Kreavie of Montreal

Leslie of Kreavie conceptualized this lovely buffet spread and created the delightful appetizers and sweets. We wouldn’t mind serving these at our own grown-up gatherings!

1 – Mini pots of dark chocolate cupcakes topped with pretty paper flowers with Swarovski crystal centers

2 – Iced citrus drinks garnished with berries

3 – Single servings of lobster-orange-grapefruit-avocado-poppy salad

4 – Pink tulip cookies on sticks

5 – Chicken salad with cranberry-goat cheese and walnuts in bamboo cones

6 – For party favors, mini takeout boxes in a sweet cherry-blossom print

7 – Dark chocolate mini cups with colorful fruit fillings

8 – Cherry tomatoes dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sesame seeds

9 – Veggie chips made from carrots, turnips, and green beans, plus bundles of crisp vegetable sticks served on multigrain bread

Such a delightful party buffet! The young ladies will feel all grown up enjoying gourmet treats like these on this special occasion. Thank you to Leslie of Kreavie for all the delish garden-inspired ideas!

Other Sweet 16 party menu ideas to consider:

– puff pastry cups or mini taco shells filled with your choice of chicken, shrimp, ground beef, tuna, or turkey
– caprese salad (cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil) served on slices of French baguettes or on mini skewers
– bite-size pizzas with not-your-usual toppings
– assorted dessert shooters (chocolate mousse, lemon pudding, caramel creme)
– sparkling drinks made with ginger ale or fruit juice-infused soda water

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