Oktoberfest Beer-tasting Party: Hip Party Decorations and Favors!

Have you been curious about the Oktoberfest buzz that comes around every fall? Maybe you’re wondering if this might make a fun theme for a birthday bash for the hubby…or for yourself. Or perhaps provide a great excuse to get the gang together for some ‘educational’ beer tasting! Well, wonder no more. We’re here to set you up with the basic Oktoberfest party decorations and favors that are hip to bring a bit of that German revelry right to your home.

Wondering what to serve–food wise and, of course, beer wise? We’ve got you covered there, too! Stay tuned because our next post shares some authentic German dishes to prepare and special Oktoberfest brews available in the U.S. Prost!

Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Favors

If you happen to have a backyard or open porch for your party, lucky you! You can recreate something of the look of a bier garten with a couple of long tables and benches, and strings of lights overhead. Don’t worry, though, if you’ll be hosting indoors. You can still pull together an inviting Oktoberfest table setting (6). (Incidentally, this link offers up lots of great ideas for hosting this themed party in your home. Note the square shot glasses for guests to sample different beers from!)

Decor and favors for an Oktoberfest Beer-tasting Party | The Party Suite at Bellenza

But whether your venue will be outdoors or in, all you will need are some really simple party elements. No tacky bar items, we promise!

– A long table is best, if you have one. It will be great for laying out those German dishes and beer choices coming up in our next post! Plus, since the Oktoberfest look is quite rustic and woodsy, you can just leave the table bare.

– Get guests primed for fun via invitations (2) with suitably Tyrolian-inspired fonts and a design that mimics the look of a beer label. So pretty how these were sent out in coordinated orange envelopes, too. And if you chance upon some matching vintage German beer coasters (4) to use at the party, how cool would that be?

– Now for a bit of the traditional Oktoberfest blue and white in the form of a fun party banner (5). You can purchase printables like these online, or you can craft your own banner by referring to images of the iconic ‘diamond checkered’ pattern used all over the festival.

– And of course, you can’t have a beer-tasting party without steins (3) to serve the beer in! But don’t feel limited to the usual chunky mugs. These sleek, modern ones, for instance, will carry on stylishly to your other parties as well. You can also have some cutesy, choco ‘beer pops’ (1) on the side, too.

Not difficult at all, right? Now, with the basics in place, next up is the ‘tasting’ part of this beer-tasting gathering—the food and drinks!

Image credits:

1 – beer pops as favors by Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins, via Pretty My Party
2 – invitations by McMillian + Furlow, via Oh So Beautiful Paper
3 – beer mugs, from Riedel USA
4 – coasters, from Half Pint Salvage on etsy
5 – printable banner from Sunny by Design, via Pretty My Party. Photos by Cupcake with Character and KTMoffitt Photography.
6 – table setting, from KC You There


  1. Thank you for including our beer party! @cupcakewithcharacter you found on @prettymyparty

    • Our pleasure, Shauna! Your party had just the perfect ‘doability’ factor we were looking for. Very nice!

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