Inspiration for a Cherry Blossom-themed Birthday Party for Grownups

Now that Christmas and New Year’s Day are over, is a springtime birthday next up on your entertaining calendar? Yes? Then, there’s one theme that you must give a try—spring’s most captivating cherry blossoms! We’ve featured this as an engagement party theme and as a bridal shower theme. So why not for a birthday celebration? The decorating, food, drinks, and favors possibilities are pretty amazing, as Japanese-inspired details from our own styled sets will show. Take your party planning cues from here, and have a gorgeous cherry blossom-themed occasion!


Decor Idea: A Cherry Blossom Backdrop

Faux decorations for Cherry Blossom birthday

A Japanese-style screen painted with cherry blossoms would make a lovely entryway accent to the party venue or perhaps a backdrop for the food buffet. But that could be quite pricey, if you can even find one. So why not consider a DIY display of free-standing branches decorated with faux blossoms from a craft store? Then, add origami paper cranes, butterflies, or dragonflies in matching pink or varied pastels.

A Stylized Japanese Tablescape

Tablesetting and decor for Cherry Blossom birthday

Create an elegant setting with a gold table cloth as a backdrop to Japanese-inspired table elements. Assemble a grouping of glass square-sided vases as a centerpiece—some holding cherry blossoms, others wrapped with handmade paper folded to resemble the traditional obi sash worn with the kimono. Then, for each guest, lay out a striking place setting (details below).

Place Settings with Elegant Japanese Details

Golden origami crane for Cherry Blossom birthday

Up close, see how you can style each place setting. Arrange glazed earthenware plates featuring Japanese designs along with wooden chopsticks on a classic chopstick “rest.” Then, to serve as both a napkin accent and a unique place card holder, position a gold paper crane to greet each guest. Simple yet so stylish!

DIY Cherry Blossom Accents

Pink sakura coasters for Cherry Blossom birthday

There are many ways to bring in charming touches of this iconic spring bloom. You could craft coasters in cherry blossom shapes using decoupage (as shown above), crochet, or painted tiles. Single flowers could be used as glass charms for stemmed drinking goblets, twisted around table napkins as napkin rings, or draped in garlands as chair decorations.

Favor Idea: DIY Fan with Cherry Blossoms

Bamboo fan handmade for Cherry Blossom birthday

Japan is famous for its hand-painted silk fans. We suggest you gift guests with a crafty version. You can hand-make these with a woven palm-leaf placemat and two bamboo slats glued together as a handle. Then for a pretty finish, trim each fan with a sprig of faux cherry blossoms.

Favor Idea: Japanese Sake Cups Filled with Wagashi

Candy in sake cups for Cherry Blossom birthday

Japanese candies, called wagashi, come in the cutest shapes and pastel colors. Treat guests to these sweets, presented in ceramic sake cups which would make delightful keepsake favors from your party.

Favor Idea: Gold Frames in Japanese-inspired Packaging

Gold frames for Cherry Blossom birthday

A final favor idea could be elegant gold picture frames (always a practical gift)—packaged “in theme” using silky fabric wraps or decorative paper bands, then finished with paper crane thank-you tags. For a small guest list, the celebrant might also use these frames to hold precious snapshots of past fun times with each guest, and present these as surprise personalized favors!


Aside from the decorations, table settings, and favors, a cherry blossom theme also means you get to serve a Japanese style party menu! Have your guests enjoy a grilled dish or two of chicken, pork, or seafood cooked on a traditional brazier, called a hibachi (links to recipes here).

As accompaniments, there are delicious side dishes such as Japanese potato salad, wasabi coconut coleslaw, tsukemono (pickled cabbage), the popular snack, edamame (young soybeans), and of course the traditional Japanese fried rice (links to recipes here). Plus, onigiri rice balls, featured in this post.

Then, of course, you must have themed desserts, too. Try matcha milk tea pops, fresh fruit salad topped with Japan’s popular Kewpie mayonnaise, Crispy Mirin Kasu Cookies, fish-shaped taiyaki pancakes, or simply bowls of assorted wagashi confections (links to recipes and sources here).

Japanese Drinks Choices

Keep up the themed menu with beverages sourced from or using recipes from Japan. (Note: All the ingredients and/or finished products are available from online vendors or in Asian supermarkets.)

For a more casual gathering, consider lychee iced green tea, iced mugi-cha (roasted barley tea), Japanese soft drinks in different flavors, or a couple of the world-famous brands of Japanese beer. You could try serving cold sake for guests to sample, or offer the more familiar Japanese green tea (more details here).

For more refined drinks options, you might serve Japanese plum wine, sparkling champagne or saketinis in elegant flutes, decorated with dainty sprigs of cherry blossoms (more details here).

All in all, definitely a springtime birthday party to be remembered—with its special cherry blossom theme!

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